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Photos of deceased

Wenever someones passes away, there is always someone to make a facebook group about them, R.I.P {persons name} etc. etc. and a youtube video with all thier photos on.

Then theres always comments saying "If you put a muslims pictures up after they have died, (specially a girl who isnt covered) then the person doesnt rest in peace"

Is this true?

staying strong through ramadan

at the begining of ramdan all was going well. read all my prayers and used 2 read quran, not listen to music etc. but that we have reached half way through that spark that i had inside me seems to be disappearing...
it seems to be going on forever, i still pray and stuff but just see it all differently. if i missed a prayer and the begining i would have died with guilt lol, but i only read 1 yesterday and already missed 1 2day and it just seems to be kind of normal. and i started talking to loads of girls again which isnt good. what can i do to stop being so careless and be more focused.#

2nd question

Homecoming for Lockerbie bomber

The Libyan man jailed in Scotland for blowing up a US airliner over Lockerbie in 1988 has arrived back in Libya after being set free.

The Scottish government released Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, who is 57 and has terminal cancer, on compassionate grounds.

US President Barack Obama said the move was "a mistake", and some relatives of US victims reacted angrily.

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