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Sheesha Bars- the perfect way to chill or is it the Muslim nightclub?

Sheesha Bars- the perfect way to chill or is it the Muslim nightclub to stay away from? Do you go to sheesha bars? if so why? Do you think the 'Mullahs' have got it wrong and are too quick to put a downer on all fun stuff? Or do you think Sheesha bars are just a cover for dating, flirting, daytime clubbing and is definitely undesirable/ prohibited!

What do people think of George Galloway?

What do people think of George Galloway? A hero who never fears to speak up for those in Palestine, Iraq and elsewhere? A man who challenges the U.S on it's illegal wars? Or a man who is using the Asian/Muslim card to get in power? Or someone who speaks first and then thinks as he did about womens consent for sex? What does George Galloway mean to you?

What does Islam mean to you?

What does Islam mean to you?
Just a religion you were born into? A way of life that gives you your purpose in life and peace of mind? A religion that is strict and takes all the fun away? A faith that keeps you on the right track? A religion you are embarassed to be associated with? Or a Deen you try to live and spread passionately?
So what is Islam to you?

The Revival Issue 19- FEEDBACK



Issue 19 has been out a few weeks and would be freat to get some feedback


Have you actually got hold of Issue 19?

Have you read it online?

Have you read any/most of the articles?

What did you make of the front cover?

What about the overall artwork?

What was the best article?

What was the worst article, if any?

View of overall articles?

Did it represent issues that face you?

How could it have been improved?



The Revival magazine- what do you REALLY think?



with the new revival mag coming out in ramadan i thought its best to get some views on what ppl thought of the mag....

have people read it in the past?

do ppl read it on line?

what did you think of the earlier issues? and what about the last few?

it hasnt been printed for a year or 2 but before that have people seen it out and about?

what do you think works with the revival?

what needs improving?

do you think it tackles the real issue sfacing the youth?

Is it time to deal with more mature issues?

your views/feedback pls





The Revival is a Muslim social magazine that deals with the real issues facing
Muslims today-especially the youth.

The Revival Magazine Issue 19 will be out in Ramadan inshallah. To reach out to
more readers nationwide we are in need of new distributors.

See previous issues at