Wow that's kinda scary.

 I heard of this quite a while back, don't know if its true or not though.

Looks pretty convincing, but I'm sure you can't see Angels :S


yeah i saw this quite some time back ermmmm not sure but Allah knows best but anyhow shouldn't make any differene to us

Seems like a dirty lense from which light is flaring.

If God wanted to show people an angel, He IMO wouldnt limit that to people with technology.

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I seriously cannot believe that i found this on the home page! I saw this a while ago and i don't actually belive in it, though, angels can come in different shapes and forms... In my imagination, I 'think' it was water vapour or clouds, swiftly moving by the wind (if there was any) and instead of staying in the sky, they wanted to descend, and thats how it was so close to the ground and thats how people recorded it!


was quite surprised to see editor created this topic.

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?