Unregistered marriages causing trouble.

Wedding trouble as UK Muslim marriages not recognised

A growing number of young Muslims in the UK are entering marriages that are not legally recognised, BBC Asian Network has found. This is because couples are having an Islamic wedding without the civil ceremony needed for the marriage to be recognised under British law.

Shaheeda Khan married her fiance in a traditional Islamic religious ceremony, the nikah, at her home in Birmingham.

After the wedding the couple moved to London where they started to build a life and home together but, 13 months into the marriage, Shaheeda realised that her nikah was not legally valid.

The perils of young Egyptians' secret marriages

In the leafy grounds of Cairo University there are many dating couples among the crowds of students. Some sit close together in shady corners and hold hands.

Religious customs and ideas of social propriety in Egypt do not permit them to take their relationships much further.

However there is a way of bending the rules - urfi marriage.

Young Egyptians are said to be opting for these informal marriages in record numbers, often as a way of getting around religious strictures against premarital sex.

"It's a secret marriage between a boy and girl which even their parents don't know about," explains a 20-year-old archaeology student. "They don't announce it publicly."

Contraception: Halal or Haram?

By Shaykh Salim Ghisa

The rule for contraception is different depending on the type of contraception used.

The basic ruling for contraception identifies two types:
1) Permanent Contraception
2) Temporary Contraception

1) Permanent Contraception

Any permanent form of contraception such as permanent sterilisation, the removal of ovaries, vasectomy etc is not permissible unless there is a risk of serious illness or death if it is not performed. The reasons for this are as follows:

  1. A person is taking an unnecessary risk to their health by having such an operation or procedure.
  2. A person is permanently changing the nature of the body from what Allah has created.

The Do's and Don'ts of Meeting a Potential Partner

By Alveena Salim

You've been through uni, you've got your education out the way, you don't fancy anyone and the chances of meeting someone have become increasingly slim so you've agreed to go through the meat market and meet a number of eligible bachelors/bachelorettes personally hand-picked by your parents. And in this incredibly socially awkward get together, in presence of your nearest and dearest over a cup of PG tips, you have to decide whether or not you can spend the rest of your life with the one introduced to you by your parents. No pressure eh?

By Alveena Salim

Issue 13: Ali & Jamal

By Sajid Iqbal & Zahid Maqbool

Ali takes Jamal with him to speak to his Dad about marriage...

Ali: Salaam Pops... how ya doin? This is Jamal.

Ali's Dad: Wa Alay Kum Salaam Ali. Did you bring me my Rusk biscuits? My milky tea is getting cold!

Ali: No Pop... I didn't, but I need to chat with you about summat serious...

Ali's Dad: NO! You cannot be on my car insurance!

Ali: Chill Dad, it’s more serious.

Ali's Dad: What! You want the remote control?

Ali: Nah... even more serious.

Ali's Dad: What!!??

Ali: Pops... I wanna... err… get married.