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Inner Self

Hello you all! It's been a long time coming, but after so long I've managed to do something I haven't done for ages. I've written another poem.
I'd like to give special credit to Power of Silence for her encouragement; naturally I decided to call this poem Inner Self. Enjoy!

Seeing you again makes me grin and laugh like I’m lame
A sense of happiness, joy, nostalgia, longingness and then shame
I look upon you, the one who saw and shone so bright
Putting trust in you, your honour and your loyalty would confirm I was right.

Trying to Be a Man

Salam Alaykum, here's another rap that I've written. This one is slighlty different. It's about, say when you've had a fight with someone and there is a bit of animosity and each expects the other to make amends first. Well, that's what I'm dealing with today!

Let's just stop! It's not Doomsday
Not interested in making you pay
This is a battle that can't be won
It's gonna drag on for the the rest of eternity
But a breather is what can save my sanity
Rivalry's winning, ripping just like a hawk
Why don't we be strong and just learn to talk
You might look and think: "What's his game?"
I'll be honest and say this war is lame
So let's not go deeper and talk this over

Unseen Friend

It's time for another rap, feels like years since the last one, but the new one is called "Unseen Friend". Read it and tell me what you think!

Smelling the breaze of the sapphire sky
Smiling my joy to the setting sun
This moment I cherish as a high
But not all have been like this one
Sometimes I was chained by the lows and grief
Never thought I could turn another leaf
Exhausted I was with no hope to breathe
But the answers lay close beneath

Though I can't see you
I know you're always there
Saved me from darkness, from the jaws of despair
You're someone I can trust
Someone I can turn to
Compassionate and Just
Giver of Peace, beyond the end
You're my Unseen Friend

Found Peace

Salam Alaykum, guys. It's time for another rap. I'd really like you to take the time to read this rap. it's called Found Peace.

When I sank right to my knees
Ordered to submit defeat
Held down by my head
Strap restraining my eyes
All I knew was fear
I knew he was gloating
From death I could be near
Yet he didn’t seem to care
I thought that I was worthless
Imprisoned by the world
Rolled right on the floor
That’s when I dared to dare

But then I stared right into your face
You thought I was still in the race
You stretched your hand out to me
Helping me walk across the sea
For the first time I felt I was strong
I had a place where I could belong
I knew I could breathe and I could smile
I felt the wind brush passed me with ease
Turned the page and I'd found peace