The Ruling of First Cousin Marriages: A Balanced Perspective

Dr. Asim Yusuf


My question relates to marrying first cousins. Although it's permissible in Islam, I was wondering as regards to arguments against this as many people cite health issues and high rates of disabilities among children. I’m struggling to get my head around a ruling in Islam that potentially puts people or children at risk. I am in no way saying the Islamic ruling is wrong as I would never oppose anything in Islam but rather I would like clarification so as to have a better understanding as non-Muslims often ask why we would have this ruling and always cite particular studies.


Thank you for your question and your concern for supporting the religion.


Cousin Marriage is a massive issue especially amongst Asian Muslims in the UK. It divides the Muslim community like nothing else. You're either dead against it because of cultural and medical reasons or its 'cousin marriage or no marriage' in your parents eyes. Mainly it's parents who favour it and the youth who oppose it. The Revival spoke to the Muslim Youth across the UK to get their views on cousin marriages:

Farzana Patel, 25, Bury

I am all for cousin marriages and I don’t see anything wrong with it. The scientific point that people who marry their cousins have defective children is a load of rubbish, because if it was true all or majority of disabled children would have parents who are cousins.

Marriage expectations

So..what would "high expectations" be for you?

and...we were talking about difference between Criterias and Expectations. So what do you guys think the difference is?

where is the line drawn?

[size=9] dont hate on me for creating a new topic..i just thought it'd be better than posting on an old topic and making it into this LOoooonnng topic that next generation revivalers wont be bothered to read (as i have experienced myself :P) [/size]

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Broadcast Date: 27 August 2010
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