short reminder about Salaah - Mufti Menk

a short, just under half an hour video about salaah, something we do 5 times a day. because we do it so often, the how, whys, whats etc...kinda becomes blurry in our minds, this is a beautiful reminder i just listened to mashaaAllah. Most of the stuff in there you probably already know, but bringing it back to the front of our mind is important.  advice and reminder are important in our religion. and faith has levels and increases and decreases; i pray this video will be a booster to your imaan level. Ameen.



International Youth Film Project - Free GoPro Hero2 camera available

[B][SIZE=3]International Youth Film Project[/SIZE][/B]

Es selaam,

I came across this project as I am interested in the camera the sponsoring company makes.
The [B]GoPro Hero2 a Compact Solid State High Definition Camera[/B] that can be fixed to mountain bikes, surfboards, helmets of people who do a parachute jump, ....
In other words: the camera is aimed at capturing scenes (in HD) of action.