The Veil: Human right or violation of women

There has been much controversy surrounding the wearing of the Muslim veil in Europe. Since France's controversial plan to implementing fines on any women in breach of the public order wearing a veil.

To many the aesthetics of a Muslim Woman wearing a veil are not welcome, her face his hidden, all facial expressions that are a vital part to conversation are hidden away. It may be to no surprise that such a move banning the veil was coming.

All Eyes on Me

Muslim woman using her iphone

Muslim woman using her iphone
Muslim woman using her iphone
Hafsah bint Sayeed al Awlaqi

I would never have thought a piece of cloth could cause so much fuss. But Jack Straw decides to pull a publicity stunt, Holland does away with the Human Right’s Act, and the next thing you know, pictures of veiled women are plastered across the front pages of almost every newspaper in England.