Hijaab is an Attitude, not a Fashion (and it's for Men Too!!)

Muslim tourist wearing a headscarf

Muslim tourist wearing headscarf
Muslim tourist wearing headscarf.
Fawzia Malik

Wearing the Hijaab isn't just a matter of simply putting a piece of cloth on your head, it is an attitude, a way of thinking and behaving, and accepting yourself for who and what you are. Basically it constitutes an Islamic way of life, it is a statement which indeed should portray a certain attitude.

A woman may indeed wear a long skirt and a scarf, but if she flirts constantly, then she can't be really described as wearing the Hijaab (Indeed clothes should be long, loose and not see through, after which any style of clothing is applicable).

US Christian wears hijab for 40 days


Jessey Eagan is a Christian and a mother of two, who works as a children's director at Imago Dei Church in Peoria, Illinois. This year during Lent, she decided to wear a hijab. She kept a diary of her experience in a blog called #40DaysOfHijab, which is sparkling a debate both in the Christian and Muslim community.

"I wanted to put myself in someone else's shoes", says Eagan who hopes her practice of solidarity and empathy with the Muslim community will foster interfaith dialogue.

The BBC spoke with Eagan about her experience and her faith.

When I Covered My Head, I Opened My Mind

Muslim tourist wearing a headscarf

Muslim tourist wearing headscarf
Muslim tourist wearing headscarf.
Sharrifa Carlo

As a non-Muslim living in Western society, the idea of modesty was not exactly foremost in my mind. Like all other women of my generation and mind-set, I thought such ideas were antiquated and excessive. I felt pity for the poor Muslim woman who had to "wear all that junk," or "walk around in bed - sheets" as I used to call it.

Hijab - My story

Saima Bora

I think I’ve heard it all. People who think that it’s a must and that every female should adhere to it without fail (in a stiff upper lip sort of way).

People who believe that it’s not about what we look on the outside as it is actually undeniably, the inside that counts (Hmm, perhaps). And others still – like me, I must admit, who took a while to articulate an opinion.

A journey towards the Hijaab, here is my story.

HIJAB - Freedom or Opression

HIJAB - Freedom or Oppression

In France, they have banned the burqa, but in a democracy, where everyone has equality, is it right for France to take away the freedom of a Muslim woman. If all women have the right to wear what they want to then why shouldn’t Muslim women?

Centuries ago, most women would be expected to have modesty, worldwide. Although as time goes shamelessness is increasing. Islam is a religion where there is an attempt to maintain the modesty. Today, many Muslim women refuse to wear the hijab as they don’t want to come across as oppressed or unfashionable.

There are many reasons why it is obligatory for a Muslim woman to wear a hijab:
• Modesty –Hijab comes from the Arabic word ‘hajaba’, which means to hide or to conceal

"Sports Hijab" not just for Muslim women

The next sporty must-have is not just for Muslim women

The ResportOn, a tight-fitting hoodie covering the hair, is the new sports hijab – but it's attracting orders from non-Muslim women and men

Move over, Nigella's burkini – you are so last season. The latest addition to the modest Muslim wardrobe is the ResportOn, a sleek sports hijab designed for female Muslim athletes who like to keep their hair covered while working up a sweat.

The ResportOn, whose tagline is "Be Yourself. Unveil your performance", is the brainchild of Iranian-born French-Canadian designer Elham Seyed Javad.

And This Is Why My Mummys A Hijabi :D

My Mummy Covers From Head To Toe

But Why She Does That, I Did Not Know

She Never Ever Shows Her Hair

What People Think She Does Not Care

Yesterday When She Came To Kiss Me Goodnight

I Asked Her The Reason, She Said With Delight

The Hijab Is What Makes Me Free

Makes Me Feel That I Can Be Me

The Hijab Is My Protector, My Corrector, My Pride

It Embellishes The Feeling That ALLAH Is By My Side

Its A Barrier For Lustful Eyes, It Separates Me From Sin

It Helps Me To Appreciate This Beautiful World I'm In

My Little Princess This World Is Not What It Seems You Shall Learn

With This Perfected Hijab, A Respected Identity You Shall Earn

When People Look At You, A Pure Muslimah They Shall See

A Woman With Self Respect, A Woman Like Me