And This Is Why My Mummys A Hijabi :D

My Mummy Covers From Head To Toe

But Why She Does That, I Did Not Know

She Never Ever Shows Her Hair

What People Think She Does Not Care

Yesterday When She Came To Kiss Me Goodnight

I Asked Her The Reason, She Said With Delight

The Hijab Is What Makes Me Free

Makes Me Feel That I Can Be Me

The Hijab Is My Protector, My Corrector, My Pride

It Embellishes The Feeling That ALLAH Is By My Side

Its A Barrier For Lustful Eyes, It Separates Me From Sin

It Helps Me To Appreciate This Beautiful World I'm In

My Little Princess This World Is Not What It Seems You Shall Learn

With This Perfected Hijab, A Respected Identity You Shall Earn

When People Look At You, A Pure Muslimah They Shall See

A Woman With Self Respect, A Woman Like Me

Islam Is With Me Wherever I go

Wearing The Hijab Makes ALLAH Love Me More

That's All She Said With A Calm Enlightening Smile

It Made Me Realise, Hijab Makes Her Days Worthwhile

I'm Proud Of My Mummy, Her Hijab And Her Pride

One Day I Shall Wear It Too, And Keep Islam By My Side...Ameen Biggrin

(muslimah sam)



Mash allah love your poems and especially the message you give with it. I hope you dont just post it here cause i think it could really benefit others who may struggle to get the right knowledge.

Keep it up insha allah and may allah reward you. Ameen

Lets reunite the ummah under one flag LA ILAHA IL ALLAH MUHAMMADUR RASULULLAH

Yummy mummies should always wear niqaab, jilbaab for not so yummy mummies...

If I ever have to kill for something, it would be for, "A woman"
If I ever have to kill something it would have to be, "A woman"

jazak ALLAH khair brother..i share them on facebook and thats about it really..

i have wrote them all up in a book to gift to my daughter one day insha ALLAH too but thats a different story lol Biggrin

Ameen..wa iyakum Smile

I only speak to those who are thirsty for the sea

~ Rumi