Regret Wont Bring Him Back...

I Told Him To Leave The Streets For Deen

Told Him To Forget Money, Told Him To Stay Clean

My Son Wasn't Always A "Badman"

I Know All The Mothers Reading This Know What I Mean

Time Flies As They Say...Further Away He Drifted Each Day

My Heart Cried For Reformity, My Du'as Filled With Desparation

Now I Stand Here Today Proving He Was Innocent; To The Nation

When His Best Friend Was Stabbed And Left Heartlessly To Die

There Was A Noticeable Change In My Son, Wallahi This Mother Tells No Lie

He Hugged Me And Cried And Promised He'd Leave All That For Me

Promised To Be An Example To Others And Wipe My Tears For Eternity

My Little Boy Wanted To Change

My Life Again Full Of *HOPE*

His Smile Was Soo Beautiful

Look Into Their Eyes

People Crying, People Dying..The Truth Has Been Murdered

I Know They're All Lying..

It's All An Illusion, It's A Pre-Planned Deception

If You're A Non Believer Then You're An Exception

I Watch Them Suffer, I Watch Them Cry

I Have Seen Their Hopes...Their Happiness Die

My Sisters Tears Aren't Fake, She's Drowned In Devastation

My Eyes Fill With Tears..Watching This Manipulation

Baby Haniya Is Waiting For Mummy To Be Free

My Heart Breaks Watching Her Wait

Watching Her Wait So Patiently

A Mother Is Eagerly Waiting For Her Son

Innocent Abdullah...Six Years He's Been Gone

I Read It In The Papers, In The News..Everyday

That Innocence Is A Danger To Us In Every Way

But Brothers And Sisters You've Gotta Help Me Out

And This Is Why My Mummys A Hijabi :D

My Mummy Covers From Head To Toe

But Why She Does That, I Did Not Know

She Never Ever Shows Her Hair

What People Think She Does Not Care

Yesterday When She Came To Kiss Me Goodnight

I Asked Her The Reason, She Said With Delight

The Hijab Is What Makes Me Free

Makes Me Feel That I Can Be Me

The Hijab Is My Protector, My Corrector, My Pride

It Embellishes The Feeling That ALLAH Is By My Side

Its A Barrier For Lustful Eyes, It Separates Me From Sin

It Helps Me To Appreciate This Beautiful World I'm In

My Little Princess This World Is Not What It Seems You Shall Learn

With This Perfected Hijab, A Respected Identity You Shall Earn

When People Look At You, A Pure Muslimah They Shall See

A Woman With Self Respect, A Woman Like Me

The Angel Of Death Is Never Late

My Life Shimmered Like Glistening Stars In The Dark Night Sky

As I Slept Peacefully,

Unaware That It Was Time For My Happiness To Die

There I Was Beautifying Each Dream With Complete Concentration

How Was I To Know They Were Shattering..

And Arriving Was Devastation

A Heartbreaking Scream Brought Me Back To Reality

I Rushed Downstairs..But Sadly Only To See..

My Mum In Tears, Screaming My Brothers Name

She Sat There Helplessly Clutching A Photo Frame

"Why Is Everyone Crying?!" I Yelled Impatiently

The Answer Was In Their Eyes, Had I Lost A Part Of Me??

To The Hospital We Rushed As I Held Back My Pain

I Clutched His Hand Tight, His Tears Flowed Like Rain

People Were Surrounding, Prayers Were Loud

Hope Drowning In Pain

Not A Day Goes By When A Mother Doesn't Scream
Not A Day Goes By Without Another Broken Dream
A Rush Of Tears Is Flooding Shattered Hearts
Once Happy Families Have Been Left In Parts
Rivers Of Blood Flow Through Every Street
A Mother And Daughter Are Yearning To Meet

As Much As I Want To Help, I Cant Take Away Their Pain
Watching Innocent Orphans Suffer Is Driving Me Insane
Deep Down In My Heart I Know They Shall Be Free
They Too Shall Smile Happily And Live Like You And Me

This Life Is A Test, That One Day Shall End
Thats When ALLAH Will Make Those Beautiful Hearts Mend
There'll Be No Scream, No Broken Dream, No Death And No Tear
True Eternal Happiness Shall Surely Be Living Here

So Someone Go Tell The Suffering Unmmah To Bravely Hold On Tight

As We Grow (Worlds Song) (Add To It People) :)

As we grow in this world of devastating lies
In which we're comforted by the corruption and fail to realise
how many more times are we made to see blindly?
Many More?
No not many more as we realise how blind we've become
but fail to act as we act to wana do more
more for who?
more for me or more for you?
too many questions or too little answers
no! just our eyes closed for to long
we're dreaming of a closed world of just us, our ears closed to the cries of its song.

(add to it people)
create your own verse and continue the poem in the comments Smile

Do You Know This Man?


What a year, was 570 A.D.
A person was born, a prophet to be
Muhammad (saw), that was his name
People were misguided and that's when he came
He would go on to leave all the idols behind
He was to be an example to all of mankind
Rabbi-al-Awal the 12th, that was the day
He came to this world to show us the way
He was born in Mecca, the holiest place
A life full of challenges he was to face
Abdullah (ra) his father, had by then passed away
Leaving Amina(ra) his mother, in her arms he lay
Haalima Sadia, took over his care
Until he was six, our prophet was there
His mother then died, he was left all alone
Abdul Muttalib (ra) his grand-dad, then made him his own

The Glorious Qur'an


So brothers and sisters, to increase your Iman
Read the miracle, read the Quran
Here's a fact for the ones who are keener
92 chapters revealed in Mecca, 22 in Medina
Read it every day and to read it be proud
The word 'Qur'an' means to read aloud
Read the book from the Lord of the worlds
Over 6000 verses and 77,000 words
Read it with respect, no disturbance, no laughter's
From Al-Fatiha to An-naas, all 114 chapters
And in it 14 times you are required to prostrate
And say Allah Hu Akhbar, meaning God is Great
In this book, 25 Prophets are mentioned by name
Who came at different times but their message was the same
This miracle was revealed over a 23-year span