Regret Wont Bring Him Back...

I Told Him To Leave The Streets For Deen

Told Him To Forget Money, Told Him To Stay Clean

My Son Wasn't Always A "Badman"

I Know All The Mothers Reading This Know What I Mean

Time Flies As They Say...Further Away He Drifted Each Day

My Heart Cried For Reformity, My Du'as Filled With Desparation

Now I Stand Here Today Proving He Was Innocent; To The Nation

When His Best Friend Was Stabbed And Left Heartlessly To Die

There Was A Noticeable Change In My Son, Wallahi This Mother Tells No Lie

He Hugged Me And Cried And Promised He'd Leave All That For Me

Promised To Be An Example To Others And Wipe My Tears For Eternity

My Little Boy Wanted To Change

My Life Again Full Of *HOPE*

His Smile Was Soo Beautiful

Showing Me That I Could Now Cope

But Just One Action Drowned Me Into Darkness Again

Left Me Alone...Just Me And My Pain

Yes It's True.. My Son Was Shot In The Heart

9th Of July..My Life Torn Apart

The Killer Looks Me In The Eye And Says He's Full Of Regret

Yeah He's Full Of Regret, But How Does He Expect Me To Forget???

No Amount Of Sympathy, Tears And Regret Will Bring Back My Baby

But For Other Akhis This Could Be A Lesson Maybe

When A Person Dies, They Don't Die Alone

Their Family And Friends Suffer The Pain..

They Suffer The Pain But Nothing Do They Gain........Except Sorrow.


{Muslimah Sam} xxx


Subhanallah! Insha allah your son goes to jannahtul firdaus. Ameen.

Really love your attitude to life, may it insha allah rub off on others

Lets reunite the ummah under one flag LA ILAHA IL ALLAH MUHAMMADUR RASULULLAH

^ameen. really feeling this blog, inshAllah may all youngsters be saved from the streets and no mother or father have to go through such pain, ameen. wouldn't wish that much pain on anyone.

woh that is very touching and it made me cry
I hope dat he will b sent 2 heaven


aww jazak ALLAH khair Smile

this poem was again inspired by a muslim brothers death..thanks for reading and commenting..i hope the mesage reaches everyone who is in sincere need of it insha ALLAH

may ALLAH grant him jannat al firdaus ameen xxx

I only speak to those who are thirsty for the sea

~ Rumi