The Veil: Human right or violation of women

There has been much controversy surrounding the wearing of the Muslim veil in Europe. Since France's controversial plan to implementing fines on any women in breach of the public order wearing a veil.

To many the aesthetics of a Muslim Woman wearing a veil are not welcome, her face his hidden, all facial expressions that are a vital part to conversation are hidden away. It may be to no surprise that such a move banning the veil was coming.

It is important to understand that it is not just the Veil that is not welcome in France, but other religious garments fomenting trouble and disregard to the culture of the state are also not permitted. Living in Europe gives us the freedom to do as we will, but sometimes the freedoms imposed on us seem radical through laws that target certain individuals.

One woman in France who wears the veil defended her decision to wear it, saying it was her choice and if the government does as it wants banning her, she will just move elsewhere to Saudi Arabia.

A woman in nothern Italy was fined five hundred Euros recently, for wearing a veil on her way to the mosque. She was in breach of a bylaw, introduced in January by the mayor of Novara which bans clothing in public that prevents identification by police. Belgium is also following pursuit in implementing a similar ruling.

We as muslims firstly need to understand the meaning behing the veil. Although the Hijab is a well accepted and common aspect of muslim life, the veil, is something a small minority of Muslim Women choose to opt for. Having become more and more common in Europe it is now at the heart of debate over its authority and legitimacy in secular society.

Wrong or right, living in Europe means we follow its rules, if we are not satissfied we have a chance to appeal and get our voice heard. We have a right to our freedom and liberties but sometimes along the way there is always a price to pay.


assalamu alaikum

i feel strongly about it also. if its really an id issue which i dont believe it is in europe, the authorities could easily take the woman aside and tell her to discreetly lift her veil to do photo check, that's what they do in airports. So i think it's more about assimilation, ignorance and even prejudice. Having worn it for about 6/7 years i can't see myself removing it either. If it comes to it i will have to move. i don't want to think about moving away from siblings and leaving the place where i was born, so i hope it does not come to that.

“O my people! Truly, this life of the world is nothing but a (quick passing) enjoyment, and verily, the hereafter that is the home that will remain forever.” [Ghafir : 39]

good article brother. France and Europe are showing their true oppressive colours by forcing muslim women to dress in western ways. they have no room left to talk about human rights or women's freedoms. its all rubbish what they say. they are evil. Lanat on them. God bless pious muslim women.

Ayatollah rightly named America as "Great Satan".