15 things to know about China's torture of Uyghur Muslims!

silhouette of people in Xinjiang Ghost City

silhouette of people in Xinjiang
silhouette of people in Xinjiang
Gulnaz Uighur

The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is China’s largest provincial unit, accounting for one sixth of the Chinese territory. Though this region does not belong to the country as it was occupied by it in 1949.

The area has been known by various names, including East Turkestan. East Turkestan was always an independent state. Though different dynasties have ruled in this area as it was a rich source of natural resources.

During the period of 1949 , the government of East Turkestan was on its way to make a decision regarding its being a Free State but they all were killed in a plane crash. It is suspected that China was behind this incident. Soon after it, China occupied East Turkestan and renamed it Xinjiang which means “New Territory”.

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Human rights, threat to headmaster who seized mobile

Human rights threat to headmaster who seized mobile from pupil, 12


The UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights was updated towards the end of last year – thus, demonstrating that its universality was not that universally accepted. This is a statement guaranteeing equal treatment, non-discrimination, and the right to life regardless of colour, race or language. In November 2010 the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee on Social, Cultural and Humanitarian issues removed the phrase “sexual orientation” from a resolution addressing extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. Gay and lesbian groups claim that the removed “sexual orientation” from the resolution gives the green light for gays to be murdered by governments, death squads and vigilantes without cause.

The Veil: Human right or violation of women

There has been much controversy surrounding the wearing of the Muslim veil in Europe. Since France's controversial plan to implementing fines on any women in breach of the public order wearing a veil.

To many the aesthetics of a Muslim Woman wearing a veil are not welcome, her face his hidden, all facial expressions that are a vital part to conversation are hidden away. It may be to no surprise that such a move banning the veil was coming.