Issue 19

Issues 19 launched in summer 2012, Ramadan 1433.

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Do young Muslims today like to mix and integrate with non-Muslims at college/uni, work and especially in their everyday life?
‘Diary of a Bad Man’ is an Internet phenomenon which has over 2 million hits on YouTube and has divided the Muslim community.
Have you ever noticed that all the books on science and technology somehow only seem to be filled with discoveries and inventions from the likes of Aristotle, Archimedes
Let me ask you something. What’s the biggest achievement in your life? May be passing your exams or doing a sky dive or getting a six figure job?
To get the best out of this Ramadan, The Revival has put together a list of actions that you can perform in order to gain much reward and achieve the purpose of fasting which is
1. Is divorce a sin? Can a person be considered sinful for going through divorce even if it is done in the right way?
‘When’s Iftari time man??!! I’m starving!’ There’s nothing better than a delicious meal to break your fast now is there?
There was a time you didn’t think there was anything worse than being somehow symbolically linked to people blowing up buildings and indiscriminately murder random people.
What do we actually know about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) when it comes to his family? Who were the Prophets’ grandparents, parents, children and wives?
Are you fed up with your local mosque not being the centre point of the Muslim community? Is your mosque catering for the needs of the local community?
Da’wah: An invitation usually to Islam or towards any good Dhikr: Remembrance of Allah
Raise £150 and take part in a once in a lifetime experience. Bungee Jumps will take place at various locations nationwide.
Do you have many questions about Islam but don’t know who to ask? Don’t worry because you can now have all your questions answered by The Revival.


The time has finally come for its arrival. May Allah reward TheRevivalEditor and all those Revivalers and contributors who put a lot of hard work and effort into bringing out the voice of the Muslim youth.


I'm not liking that cover.
The faces, the font that "shame" is in, the colours. I think the bottom should actually been separated from the actual fb bit. As a strip or something.

"How many people find fault in what they're reading and the fault is in their own understanding" Al Mutanabbi

That FREE symbol is annoying me! With the shame title, it was much more boring before that one, so in a way it is better.

I don't know if i mentioned this before, but the artwork of the articles seems to be much more better than the cover. I don't think theres much we can do now. Lets just look at the positive sides and the fact that it is in the process of being published. We should see the the negative aspects and the things we don't like as improvements that can be worked on in the future.


i thought it was just me who didnt like the faces

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

Can't wait to get my copy.

Eeeekkkkkk - sooooooooo excited..............



what do you not like about the front cover? what's wrong with the faces?


Ramadhan Mubarak! Smile


Thank you for my Ramadhan gift Biggrin

Death is the end of time. Not the end of Life.

Smile Biggrin


I HAVE A COPY!!!!!!!!! (:

Looks AWESOME by the way.

Gonna read it tonight I'A.


Can't wait to give it to the public with my dad.

-When I'm still waiting for a delivery to arrive at my door-


Lol who chose to put Imran Abbas on the cover

Yahoo A surprising 'six-thirty' knock on the door. Alhamdulillah the magazines look stunning! Can't wait to start distributing!


I want this to be distrubuted to my local mosque, but i dont want my details like my name or email address to be known by them. I dont want anyone to know that I requested it for distrubution.


Ask TheRevivalEditor, there might be a Revivaler whose already covering your area or local mosque. If not, I'm sure you can have one posted to your own address, and then Ed will be the only one who will know your name and address and not the mosque or anyone else.


I want to the bungee jump, please send deetz...

Was going to do Sky Diving for charity but few freinds chickend out but are willing to bungee jump! 


I already sent you an email, not sure if you recieved it


The print version is now available in pdf format above


Interesting new faces of "Islam" am I supposed to be patting someone on the back here??



Nothing really, I was just hoping for a full body shot bikini one.

These faces aren't representing followers of Islam. They are pictures of members on facebook and pictures of people in general. 


Oh my sooo high words, cynical!! Do you know what it means, coz I thought UK education was going down the drains coz they can't understand simple bayaans they need a magazine to understand Islam.


The Revival is trying to break down that barrier, and reach the youth. Really get down on their level and explain in a way which suits them, and which makes them understand, rather than giving a bayaan in which they barely understand a thing that's being said.

You sound awfully proud and arrogant. You wouldn't want me to give you a lesson in how bad those two characteristics are, would you? 

This magazine is aimed at Muslims who don't have access to bayaans, don't have access to scholars and those who can't relate to their imam. 

Congrats if you have knowledge, go spread it in a way people would to listen to but don't you dare ridicule the people who don't know as much as you. 

Pardon me if I sound proud or arrogant. I just hate it when people canvass a palatable "modernist" versions of Islam, especially when those people are muslims. The worst part about it is when people start to believe "their" version of Islam is correct and start branding us as extremists.

If keeping a full sunnah beard is extremism, then I am a proud extremist.

If wearing my trousers above my ankles is extemism, then I am a proud extremist.

If wearing the kurta and topee is extremism, then I am a proud extremist.

If believing in jihaad and backing the mujahideen is extremism, then I am a proud extremist.

If loving the quran and sunnah is to the extent that I am prepared to give my life for it is extremism, then I am a proud EXTREMIST.




Bu Kurta do you mean the pakistani clothing? then its good as it is a loose garment. However if that is not what was worn by the prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam (Peace and Blessings be upon him) (I cba to check and cant remember anything off the top of my head), then there is no need to restrict yourself to it though you can if you want to.

On the issue of long clothing, the other argument is not modernist of moderate etc, but a different understanding of the sunnah.

One understanding is that the garment simply must not be longer than ankle length. The other is that it is about eradicating eg arrogance in clothing as AFAIK Hadhrat Abu Bakr (ra) was informed that he (ra) was not one of those with arrogance.

That is a matter of different understandings of fiqh, not an issue of being moderate or extreme.

Pretty unrelated to the rest of your post.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.

When people talk like that about extremism it really makes me cringe. I wish people would stop saying that!

Also wearing a kurta and topee - I'm guessing the sunnah type of kurta? ie a thawb? That's more of a cultural thing, you dont necessarily have to wear it to be a good a Muslim. You just need to covered sufficiently. Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with you wanting to dress like the Prophet (Saw), that's great. I'm just pointing out that you don't have to.

EDIT: You's comment re-appeared after I posted my comment so I didn't know I was saying something similar to him.

"How many people find fault in what they're reading and the fault is in their own understanding" Al Mutanabbi

No one's calling you an extremist and no one's preaching a modern Islam. 

Stop being melodramatic. 

No one's calling you an extremist and no one's preaching a modern Islam. 

Stop being melodramatic.