Da’wah: An invitation usually to Islam or towards any good

Dhikr: Remembrance of Allah

Fitnah: In the Quran it is used to describe the trials and temptations that may face the believers. Now, it is used to describe the forces that cause mischief, chaos and scandal within the Muslim community, disturbing social peace and order

Hanafi: A person who follows the Hanafi school of thought, founded by Imam Abu Hanifa

Iddat: A period of waiting by a woman, after the death of her husband (four months and ten days) or divorce (three months), during which she may not marry another man and hence must abstain from sexual intercourse

Khullah: A divorce by settlement or negotiation, when the husband does not give Talaq (divorce), but the wife wants it, so she asks for a divorce/separation, from a Qadi (Muslim judge)

Mashallah: A phrase used when praising, literally defined as ‘Whatever Allah wills’, in recognition that all good things come from Allah and are blessings from Him

Qadi: A judge in Islamic Law

Sufi: A person who is seeking the awakening of the heart, love, and closeness to Allah. He/she may devote themselves to much Dhikr and worship, and aim to abstain from the wealth and pleasures of this world