EDITORIAL: Running for The Voice of the Muslim Youth

Sajid Iqbal

Let me ask you something. What’s the biggest achievement in your life? May be passing your exams or doing a sky dive or getting a six figure job? Then again it could be climbing Mount Everest or even giving blood or adopting or sponsoring an orphan. It could be setting up a group/company or doing charity work/voluntary work or giving up drugs/alcohol.

So what’s yours?

Now let me ask you something else. What in your opinion is the most important cause, charity or project today? It could be fighting cancer or fighting poverty or fighting sexual abuse. Then again it could be tackling drugs/alcohol abuse or tackling anti-social behaviour or defeating the EDL/BNP.

Again, what’s important to you?

For me getting my Politics degree or presenting/producing a radio talk show for the last 10 years are things I’m proud of. But for me the biggest achievement if anything in my life was launching The Revival. What started as a 2 page newsletter in Oldham over 10 years ago is now by the grace of the Almighty a national Muslim youth magazine. It’s more than a magazine. It’s more than a website. It’s a platform for young Muslims. It’s a voice for the Muslim youth. It’s a medium that aims to tackle each and every issue facing the youth today.

Is it more important than feeding the poor or adopting a child or fighting cancer-? May be not. But educating the younger generation, giving them a platform, dealing with their issues, defending their identity, answering their questions and helping them to be walking, talking adverts for Islam is surely a very important cause.

Don’t you agree?

It’s because of this that I took part in the Great Manchester Run (10km) this May to raise money for The Revival. Now, a 35 year old Seekh kebab and coke man and a regular chicken and chips and pizza dude running over 6 miles is no easy feat! Impossible most would say that know me! But you know what? I did it. I didn’t listen to those that laughed so much they were crying when I told them I was gonna do the run. My mum was scared I was gonna die in the run! I set myself a challenge and with a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears (no tears… I’m a guy!)- and of course cos of the will of Allah (swt) I ran and completed the run in 64 minutes- yeh 64 minutes orite- and as a result raised money for The Revival.

Now when you believe in something you will do whatever it takes to help and support that cause. It’s all about doing your bit. Making a difference and doing the right thing.

If running 10km means The Revival can reach out to more and more youngsters then it was worth it. If running 10km means a handful of people have become practising Muslims then it was worth it. If running 10km means people’s minds have opened and their mentality has changed for the better then it was worth it. If running 10km we have been able to talk about and highlight issues which are normally taboo and hidden under the carpet then it was worth it.

Now let me ask you again: what’s your biggest achievement? What’s the most important cause or issue for you? What are you doing to help and support your community? The British Muslim youth are full of talented people. Now use your talent and passion to do something which you believe in and something that will help and benefit the younger generation.

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IS it not worthy of any comment:-(

I better stick to eating sikh kebabs lol



Well done Ed, we appreciate your hard work, we really do!

"How many people find fault in what they're reading and the fault is in their own understanding" Al Mutanabbi

TheRevivalEditor wrote:

IS it not worthy of any comment:-(

I better stick to eating sikh kebabs lol


it IS more than worthy....... I wanted to do the whole "well done for running" and all that, but felt soooo guilty that I was eating ice cream relaxing in the garden on the day you ran that I decided to keep quiet.