Do you have many questions about Islam but don’t know who to ask? Don’t worry because you can now have all your questions answered by The Revival. Your questions will be answered by a variety of qualified Islamic scholars.

If you have a quick question that needs a short answer then text it or leave a voicemail to 07591572568  and you will receive a reply on the same day or the next day.

If your question requires a detailed answer then provide an email address and we will email an answer to you within 2 days. Email your questions to:



That's the coolest service ever


Is this service already in place and up and running? I'm intrigued to use it!


Who is answering the short questions? Ed?

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

From what I know, I think it will be bandied about by 'Ed to a number of scholars, (unless I assume if the answer is already known, not everyone will ask unique quesitons and many people have similar troubles and issues to deal with)

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Yep mashallah this service is up and running and so far receive regular questions daily. Questions are answered mainly by Shaykh Salim Ghisa but there are several others that I have access to. Every answer will come from a scholar.

So far questions are answered with in a few hours!

If you use the service let me know how you find it.


all sorts of Q's...from fasting ones to marriage to zakat to dreams etc etc....


anyone from the forums used the Q&A text service as yet?

would like to know what people make of it, in terms of using it, getting a reply, how soon, quality of answer etc..... as plenty of  questions are coming in...mashallah


Yes. Loved how quick the reply was. Smile the answer was fine/helpful

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Is this service free?

It was when I used it. I got a full reply within two hours.
Well - I say it's free, there's obviously the charge for a standard txt msg (which for me IS free Smile )
post some feedback on here once you've used it. It'll be good to know what others thought of the service.


can we have a description of the scholars answering hte Q's. that wld make more people willing to use the service. and can we have a direct link to that article in quick link or something easily accessible?

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?