Pondering on pondering

This was gonna be a forum topic [url= to this topic[/url], but I had second thoughts, thought it would be better as a blog.

I have been holding a reply to this topic for a while... but I will put it here now...

Been doing a little reading lately.

Some people suggest that the triumph of the [url= school of [url= islamic philosophy[/url] is to blame for the lack of pondering in the Muslim Community, and maybe even its fall from grace.

April fools?

This must surely be an April fools joke:

BBC News[/url]]

Turkish leaders face court case

Turkey's constitutional court has decided unanimously that it can hear a case aimed at closing down the country's governing AK Party.

The chief prosecutor earlier filed a petition calling for the party to be banned for "anti-secular activities".

He also wants 71 AKP officials, including the prime minister and president, to be banned from politics.

The case revives a battle between Turkey's secularist establishment and the AK Party of devout Muslims...

Apparently not.

A little bit of recent history... a whole lot of perspective

The Drive of your life

I think it is about time I got back to my driving lessons... after a hiatus of erm... 7 years? (which was a single lesson after my previous hiatus of a year when I had taken three... The first time the Driving instructors uncle died, I never bothered with a replacement, the second time the (different) instructor never bothered to turn up for the second lesson. I never bothered to rearrange.)

So first things first, I Googled (is it still capitals when used as a verb?) for "driving lessons oldham". Got me some good hits. It seems lessons are around £20+ these days.

Crisis in Iraq

Crisis? When is Iraq not in crisis?

Well the current surge in violence is a little different.

You see the "Iraqi security forces" (read: Badr Brigades belonging to the SIIC, supported to some degree by both the US and Iran) are trying to root out violent criminals (read the Mahdy Army of one Mr Sadr. Which has been on ceasefire since last summer - something which has been attributed with the recent reduction in violence) out of Basra.

This is being handled personally by Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki. His game? Well, I will leave it to another article: