Telling The Family

So the hard part is over. I've told my mum, dad and brother that I am converting to Islam, alhamdulliah, and am going to wear the hijab asap. Coming from a family of agonostics (my mum and brother) and a new revert to Islam ( my Dad) this wasn't as hard as I thought. Now it came to telling everyone else.

My mum and Dad came from a very strong Pentecostal church- which I used to go to in my search for God- where Christianity was the [b]only[/b] religon and if you mentioned another one prayer immediently followed. To my aunties, grandmother,uncles and cousins, Islam was a made up religon which was all about violence etc. I never thought this even when I was a christian, I knew Islam came from the word Salaam which meant peace ( I had a lot of muslim friends).

My mum doesn't really want to tell the family till I'm a bit older, which is hard for me because summer is coming and they are going to want to know why I'm wearing long sleeves and skirts and have my hair covered (I tie my hijab up when I'm with them).

I really wish Islam was taught properly in schools. My family believe Islam is a religon with more than one God or just a religon for Asians (don't ask me where they got that from). But inshallah, maybe my conversion will teach them something.. my brother is already reading the Quran since my "confession"!





May Allah (swt) guide your family to Islam, and save us all on the day of Judgement. Ameen!

Don't just do something! Stand there.

masha'Allaah walhamdulillah!

congratulations ya ukhti! Biggrin

insha'Allaah your conversion will make them realise that islam is not a religion just for asians and not the religion that is portrayed in the media. insha'Allah through your character and actions may they see the true religion of sayiddina Muhammad saw!

may Allaah make it easy for you and may Allaah guide all non believers to islam! ameen!

Salam Alaykum, welcome to Islam. Hope you have a great life here, one thing I would emphasize,
NEVER take anything a guy with a beard tells you at face value.
Listen to some so called scholars who say that women can't divorce their husbands without their permission, women and children can be beaten by their parents and husbands. Some scholars are, let's just say loopy. But Inshallah people like you can change all that. Wink

Chin up, mate! Life's too short.

May ALLAH swt bless you in life and grant you a place in jannah.
sortov reminds me of me.

Those who danced were thought to be quite insane, by those who couldn't hear the music...

Asalamu alaykum Sister,

Congratulations..Masha'allah. May Allah swt make it easy for you ameen. I had the same problem with my family about covering...first of all I took off my hijab just before I got inside of my grandparent's house! But alhamdulillah after clearing up some misconceptions about Islam and then my mum spoke to them...Allah swt made it easy alhamdulillah.

But insha'allah you will be a shining example to your family Smile

May Allah swt bless you ameen.


congrats im very happy 4 u, i wish i was a revert so i could know how beautiful islam was, i know i love islam but i just think that reverts are more attached to it than those who were born muslims, but im also thankful that i was born a muslim 1. because i wouldnt have to go through any trouble with "confessing" 2.because i had the chance to learn all about islam when i was very yooung aand be braught up in islamic enviroment

"to allah we belong and to him we return"