I know its been a long time since I came on Revival, and I also know last time I came, I promised I was back for good.. And I have to say i went back on my word. Anyway, having recently attended the Steps to Allah conference, organised by Islamic Network, I was able to witness some live spoken word by Muslim Belal Smile

Hence the small inspiration... (it's not anything wow, but just thought I'd share)


Britain is under threat from a rising tide of "militant secularisation", a cabinet minister has warned.

Religion is being "sidelined, marginalised and downgraded in the public sphere", Conservative co-chairwoman Baroness Warsi wrote in an article for the Daily Telegraph.

The Muslim peer said Europe needed to become "more confident and more comfortable in its Christianity".

She will also highlight the issue in a speech at the Vatican later on Tuesday.

Abu Issa Mohammed ibn Harun al-Warraq

Abu Issa Mohammed ibn Harun al-Warraq was a 9th Century skeptical scholar and critic of Islam.
He was a mentor and friend of scholar Ibn al-Rawandi in whose work The Book of the Emerald he appears.
Some Muslim sources have described him as being a Muslim and others a Manichaean

Al-Warraq was skeptical of the existence of Allah because "He who orders his slave to do things that he knows him to be incapable of doing, then punishes him, is a fool." Warraq also doubted claims portraying Mohammed as a prophet

Religion and (medical) Drugs

The Health Department are generally always trying to tailor around their Patient's need ( I know that this does not always happen).

So earlier this year, the publication that was printed:
Religion and Belief: A practical guide for the NHS.

I'm just scanning through some writing, and it says here:

In the United Kingdom, the right to follow your religion and beliefs is protected under article 9 of the Human Rights Act 1998, which covers freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.

I didn't know this but people who follow the Jehovah's Witness refuse blood products because of their beliefs.

Anyway, coming back to what I really made this thread for: