Prophet Muhammad (saw) - Poem

What can I say on your day
When every day is your day ?
O Muhammad ! O Taha ! O shafi’na on the Last Day !
From the day you stood to say :
O Man ! I’m but a man
Sent to save you, sent to tell you
The way that’ll lead you away
From the one who led you astray
To the One Who made you ’n the best way
And gave you beauty and bounty in every way
And will yet give you joy where you’ll stay
For ever and ever, as you say !
From that day,
O Muhammad ! O Taha ! O shafi’na on the Last Day !
Men came to you on foot and horseback ;
They said as you said
And prayed as you prayed
And when attacked, they fought back.
You lived in a shack
While your beauty was brighter than the moon ;
You ate with your hands
While one with your beauty would use a gold spoon ;
You sat on the sands

Diary of My Hajj

I still can't believe I'm going to Hajj; I've been on cloud nine ever since Dad confirmed the visa. Time doesn't seem to move - I can't eat, sleep or concentrate on anything. I've started a diary in which I'm noting down everyone's dua's and Salaams. It truly is an invaluable gift; the best thing a father can give his daughter.

I feel incredibly fortunate; words cannot even begin to describe the immense amount of gratitude I feel in my heart for my Creator. Finally after months of privately praying and begging Allah (swt), my prayer is finally answered. Alhumdulillah by the grace of Almighty Allah in a matter of weeks I will be performing the journey of a lifetime!!


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