Us muslims, we focus too much on Palestine

There, I said it.

There is plenty of other shit going on around the world too.

yes, I get that when a captured, blindfolded Palestinian is shot by a rubber bullet at point blank range, it is a travesty. But where is the love for the Kurds? how about the Muslims of southern Sudan? Somalia has been is civil war for over 15 years.

And why does have to be only about Muslims? Zimbabawe has an inflation rate of over 2.2 million - the recently released 100 billion dollar note will not even buy a loaf of bread. People are dying there and everywhere else.

Yet, the muslim community as a whole seems to focus on "the evil that is Israel". Why is that?

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The four madhabs

Interesting, scholarly article. Read it if you have time.


the problem with anti-madhhabism

© Abdal-Hakim Murad

The ummah's greatest achievement over the past millennium has undoubtedly been its internal intellectual cohesion. From the fifth century of the Hijra almost to the present day, and despite the outward drama of the clash of dynasties, the Sunni Muslims have maintained an almost unfailing attitude of religious respect and brotherhood among themselves. It is a striking fact that virtually no religious wars, riots or persecutions divided them during this extended period, so difficult in other ways.

Such an ugly girl! [Story]

Such an ugly girl!

This is a story where the main character is unfortunately not aesthetically pleasing. She has no high cheekbones or thick, long lashes or even a fair face. It's rather dark and her lips are a little too wide, her nose a little too long and it's not the perfect oval-shape. To be honest, she's not pretty.
Her father thinks she is, but father's think their daughters are the most beautiful, because a daughter IS the most beautiful child where as a the son is their pride. It just works that way.
Even with a hijab, a face is the first thing a person sees, and first impressions of this girl are not too good.

Well, on with the story.

IslamExpo- My Experience

After begging my Dad for tickets, persuading my mum to come (even though she's not a Muslim) as well as my Auntie who had just found out I was a Muslim, we made our way to Olympia ( the train was completely full of Muslims lol I think the non-Muslims were nervous) on Saturday. After watching, hearing and reading about how amazing it was I didn't want to be dissapponted and I wasn't! I bought loads of books, spoke to some of the sisters and finally got a copy of the Revival Magazine! and subscribed! The magazine is well presented and amazing- it was worth it. My dad was having debates with some brothers and my mum and auntie was given leaflets and leaflets because they said they weren't Muslim! They eventually bought a Qu'ran for 69p lol! But, in my Auntie's words:

Rate My Writing: Blind Vision

This is basically something i did back at school and i just found it on ma PC so i thort lets find out if you lot think its any good.. PARENTAL ADVISORY: EXPLICIT CONTENT lol
Its sort of to do with Islam, about things that make people wake up, Gangsters wake up lol


Blind Vision is a short story, fundamentally in derivation of the universal concepts regarding revolution. The story explores of how even the worst of men can be delivered from “blindness” unto “vision” and how hope drenched societies and personalities encompass a seed of sanctity. Seeds weathered with convincing elements such as calamity or that of awakening events; stimulate growth out of “darkness” and unto “light”.

Blind Vision:


'Allahumma baa-rik-lanaa fee-rajaba wa sha'baana wa bal-lig-naa shah-ra ramadhaana.'

'O Allah, make the months of Rajab and Shabaan blessed for us, and let us reach the month of Ramadhan.'

This is the month in which Al-Isra Wal-Miraj took place.

Sayyiduna Anas bin Maalik RadiAllah anh narrates that the beloved of Allah azzawajal wa sallalahu alaihi wasallam said: "Indeed there is a river in Heaven which is called Rajab. Its water is whiter than milk and sweeter than honey. Whoever keeps one fast in the month of Rajab, Allah azzawajal will let him quench his thirst by drinking from that river." [Shu'ubul-Imaan, Volume 3, Page 368, Hadith 3800, Dar-ul-Kutubul Ilmiyyah Beirut]

Click on the links to read about Rajab and its virtues.

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The wordle of the day is...

y'all know how I like tag clouds and all that? Well what if there was a service to create a cloud fto describe a website? Well .

The large words (ignoring the word "will", "read" and "upon"), the stand out words seem to be "Prophet", "Muhammad", "Peace", "Heaven" and "Islamic". I would say it kind of successfully describes that site. Which it would as it uses the feeds the make the cloud. (It can make clouds for any site with a feed, or any lump of text input into the page.)