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Recession and Economic Rubbish


Recently since 2008 we have heard that jobs are less and things are getting expensive and GDP is low.

But all that is just TV and newspapers trying to sell news. Its all propaganda to brainwash the public and scare them.

There is nothing to worry about.

So, cheer up. Dont be affraid and gloomy.

I am thinking of starting my own business.

Its good to be your own boss.

Cooking Economic Mess

President Obama is in UK.

On April 1, he met Prince Phillip who has already insulted the blackman.

"Can you tell the difference between a chinese, a russian and David Cameron."

This was no April Fool's joke. Obama was upset.

The Queen demanded Obama bow his head to her. And he did.

This too is out of order. Why should black people have top bow to the Royal Family.

Do they not know Obama is the most powerful black man in the world.

That's it. I am going to have write a letter of protest complaining that Obama and his lovely mrs were not treated nicely in Britain.

I was watching SKY as PM was welcoming all the G20 leaders to Downing Street.

Sarkozy just wanted to be hard and deliberately arrived late when he was asked to come early.

"Revival Editor" on TV !

I was watching President Bush on CNN this morning issuing the red alert on U.S. economic downfall.

As I flicked the channels to 508, I could swear I saw our beloved editor on TV!!

But later I found out it was not Mr Iqbal but someone who looked just like him.

No. It turned out to be one Hans von der Brelie of Euronews.

The "Revival Editor" was interviewing Ursula Plassnik.

Salam to Everyone

This is my very own private blog.

Yes. Private.

Are you deaf or what.

I said PRIVATE !!!

It contains personal things that no one should be reading.

So I dont know what the hell you are doing going through a man's underwear !!!

So, get off.

Stop reading damn it!!

Go away.

Create your own blog.

Remember to give the link so we can check it out.