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Dear people who don't want to create an account for various reasons

I know this site is a bit slow in terms of content and responses but that's because there aren't many members on here, so you should join and voice your opinion, get the discussions going and the opinions aflying.


It might be a bit complicated to create an account and post on here, but trust me, when you take hte time to create that account, you won't regret it. There's loads of spammers and crazy people out there who would jump at the opportunity to post rubbish and make good people's life a lil difficult if access to the forums was simplified. so you should join, it's worth it. we're a nice lil super-diverse community, and the main thing that crosses each of our lives are a) Islam and b) This site. so join!


Cyberization-McDonaldsization-Walmartization-Amazonization Version 3.0

while browsing the net in relation to the BBC 3 sketch show about Israel, I came across this website and this article. 



Cute, really, calling it, Surveillance Valley,  that abomination of elitist, mostly Zionist, and certainly white male-dominated reverse Darwinism IT bootcamp, where the most hostile sub-species exists to shred all human agency. These are Ivy League/Stanford/Georgia Tech types, very strange, indeed, humans who are possessed of the most puerile of spirit, the most usury, psychologically defective, narcissistic, Oedipal hearts on earth, and they just keep that lie going. Silicon Valley my ass!

What's so bad about being a quitter?

I know it's bad but i've recently being thinking about it and i can't figure out what's so wrong about quitting, leaving anything that makes you unhappy, just walking away from a situation that isn't making you happy?


maybe its because...being happy/unhappy is a subjective thing. one day something can make you happy, the next make you unhappy. that happy feeling is changeable so one shouldnt base their decisions on that?


but there's also not being a quitter. it's seen as a good thing. when you keep at something and see it through. isnt it? (and what is the opposite of quitter?)


When is it okay to kill someone?

I know there's rules and regulations in Islam about taking someone else's life. They're pretty beautiful and just and fair rules too.

I'm asking if you're stuck in a situation where you might have to take someone else's life. for example self defence, or defending someone else, or coming across a "bad" guy escaping. how "bad" must he be?

I've never held a gun but would you ever pull the trigger on someone? with the possibility of killing them? are you aware of the where to aim to kill and where to aim to not kill - here im not just talking about shooting, im talking about harming in any way (stab, hit, punch etc..) and im not talking about harming for the sake of harming. Im talking about DEFENCE.

Nature and how to explore it

So, if you are a total beginner with nature exploring and have grown up in the urban jungle how would you go about discovering the beauty of the rest of the world? starting with the UK, Britain, the South East (for me)

where do we start? where do we go? how do we get there? what do we need to bring along? and any other relevant info.

so, was just looking at a map of britain online and saw those patches of green which seem to be national parks. that sounds pretty awesome. how does one prepare to go to a National Park? and what should one expect there?

why do we watch tv?

so why do you watch TV? have you ever thought abt it? the first reason you might come up with is "for entertainment" but i'd like you to think abt it more deeply and if that;s still your answer then please define entertainment.

and i'll define TV: not jsut the plasma screen, im including anything you watch ever.

do feel free to categorise your watching and talk abt them individually. documentaries, non fiction, fiction.

i realise i watch fiction as a mean to escape reality. pretty sad. wonder what that says abt me. then i get annoyed at myself, "why were you watching someone else's life, actually SOMEONE THAT DOESNT EVEN EXIST's fake life" that really annoys me. that those people arent even real. as in, the characters. urgh.