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After Life

Which of the major monotheistic religions focusses most on the afterlife (akhira) and which is concerned with this life (dunya)?
All opinions welcomed.
Except being rude about other beliefs.

(as 2007 revival personality of the year i withold the right to ban you.)

What do you know about... Tajikistan?!

Islam Worries an Authoritarian Government

Islam is blossoming in Tajikistan. Beards are in style. Headscarves, too. Bazaars are doing a booming trade in prayer rugs, religious audio recordings and gaudy clocks featuring Muslim holy sites.

After decades of enforced secularism, the people of this impoverished former Soviet republic have been flocking to their traditional religion with all the zeal of born-again movements anywhere in the world.

Is it halaal? Is it haraam? No, it's Superman!

Or should that Superimam?

Anyway, all this is abut a new 'Muslim Comic', released in America called 'The 99', with each superhero having powers inspired by the 99 Names of Allah (swt), by Naif al-Mutawa.

What do you think? (click the image to see a full gallery of them)

If you are unsure on the official Revival opinion on superheroes, please read these:

'Muslim MTV' Launched

Egyptian channel 4Shbab aims to provide an Islamic take on music video culture for the world

On a boat moored on the Nile, 4Shbab's founder, Ahmed Abu Haiba, explained why the current music video networks were a threat to Muslim identity. "These channels are strange to our culture," he said. "There are young Muslim men today who'd like to have girlfriends, be part of a dating culture, and yet when they want to get married they look for a devout, religious wife. This is cultural schizophrenia … and it's these channels which are giving our young generation such misunderstandings and smashing their identities."

Despair - the burden of the good-natured person?

A thought-provoking idea:

"Despair is the price one pays for setting oneself an impossible aim. It is, one is told, the unforgivable sin, but it is a sin the corrupt or evil man never practices. He always has hope. He never reaches the freezing-point of knowing absolute failure. Only the man of goodwill carries always in his heart this capacity for damnation."
- Graham Greene

Hmmm... anyone have any thoughts?

Why are Muslims so nice and friendly, yet so unsuccessful?


I got an email with a bunch of statistics, and it basically made me feel that, as a Muslim, I am a complete failure (in the Dunya, anyway).

Why is this so?

We always talk about how successful previous generations of Muslims were, how they led the world in science and technology, human rights, equality etc.

Yet, NOW... Muslim-majority countries are amongst the crappest to live in in the whole world.

The answer I've heard many, MANY times is one, simple world: Colonialism. Basically because the countries of the Western Europe ruled the Muslim-majority countries for many years and, when they finally left, they supported corrupt leaders in these countries who have oppressed the general population.

Game On!

Salam, I think this forum needs a few online games. Why? Because we don't waste enough of our precious time already, chatting about rubbish, that's why.

So I shall start with a lovely little game that tests your hand-eye coordination, patience and, of course, character. It has a simple name: 'The Maze Game'. So please play, and also share the lovely bits of internet lovilness that you may find, too.

There are only three levels, but the third level is pretty tricky.

Oh, I nearly forgot. It might be a good idea to turn your speakers on, you'll find out why when (if) you complete the game.