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Can you analyse this situation???

Ok, so I got sacked a couple of days ago and I’m not proud of it. I didn’t know what the exact purpose was, but I was very curious about it. All I remember is , I go in to work one day, and the boss is there, “so how was your holiday?”.
"It was fine, thanks".
“Did you go for any occasion?” “Yeah, a wedding”. “who’s wedding?”
“hahaha, you’re such a joker”
“are you being serious?”
“Yes.” Then he goes all “why didn’t you tell me?” “Sorry, I didn’t really think it was relevant.”
“I’m your boss!”
“well, you didn’t ask!”
“Oh, it’s my fault now, is it. Out!”
I was shocked. “what?!”
“Go on, OUT! You don’t need to come anymore!” I still didn’t see what I did wrong. I leave.

Homosexuality...Umm... Is it really that big a deal?

Last week, one of my friends came to congratulate me for the wedding. Then, he (Liam) says “*sigh* Isha, you’re so young, and you’ve found someone! And, look at me, I’m getting older and I have no’ one,”(he’s homosexual, by the way.) (And, he is really getting old; going on 27. )So I ask him whether I can find him someone; he agrees. Quite odd, but the only guy friends I have are homosexual(, I don’t have any straight guy friends, and nor would I want to…)So, he agrees and I note down his preferences and find him someone. They hit it off, and they get along well. Everything is good. And they both thank me, and when I’m alone Liam thanks me and tells me ’what a great friend I am‘. I’m happy, because he’s happy. He tells me ‘God bless you, you’ve done a good deed’.

Adoption? What do you think?

Ok, I’ve been advised to make a forum thing on this topic. I’m not sure whether there’s already been a topic on so; but if there has , I haven’t seen it. A couple of years ago, I went to Afghanistan, which was so not my choice, but I had to go to a funeral. We stayed there for about a fortnight. There were a couple of girls I really got along with. We used to sit and talk. They wanted to know things about England, Egypt, Italy , Arabia, Sweden, etc and how they were like. They’ve get shocked at the stuff I’d say. I told them about stuff. They’d cover their faces with their chadors and look down. At the time they used to call me ‘khush shanz’ (lucky). I really never understood why.

I'm Sorry.

I am really sorry for infuriating a lot of people on here. I’m truly very very very sorry. Please accept my apologies. I promise I will not trouble you any more. I didn’t mean for you guys to hate me. And, I promise you, I will not thrust my problems at you, from now on. (… Except if it’s like a decision thing.)
Thank You.

What would you do?

Ok, So I am friends with this girl, (let’s call her X). X is best friends with this other girl( let’s call her Y). All of us used to go to school together. I dropped out, but I’m still updated and we still meet. Everyone likes X, she has got a loveable personality, but everyone hates her friend Y. Because of Y, everyone has started hating X. Y is a very dodgy person, who is a very sly, cunning….witch. You know in movies, where there’s the bad girl, who acts all ‘nicey-nice’; but everyone knows what she’s truly like? Yeah, well that’s her.

Advice needed, please! (Weddings)

Marriage is supposed to be a time of happiness, right? A time of joy? A time of unity? A special bond between 2 families , not 2 people, right? Well, not as far as I’m concerned… my wedding will take place on the 14th October! Yikes! Everything was supposedly to run smoothly. Location, theme, hosts, everything was decided! Ok, I may be slightly tedious; but I really really absolutely loathe attending wedding functions. But, no doubt, I’m going to have to attend this one. So after buttering them up I talked to my parents/in laws, if it could be just a small reception. Where the doll and guy sign papers; and wahey they’re legally bided by Islamic law and British law . But, no, they weren’t having that. I didn’t tackle the situation after so.

Beauty is a curse?

From experiences in my life, i was thinking is beauty a blessing or a curse???

I mean,I've known girls who pretty much dip their face into make-up, and try to attract guys and get attention.
It's like they WANT the guy to notice them?
Why do they do that?

They try to make themselves feel and look beautiful.
But, do they actually know what a natural beauty has to suffer>?
I guess not.
Don't people understand that sure someone might be 'beautiful' from the outside, but what is in on the inside?
This kind of thing suffocates me. How people judge each other on their physical beauty'.
I wish i could see it,but I can't. Til date, I haven't come across anyone who is 'ugly'.


My name is Isha al-Maghribi, and I'm a new member of the revival.
I thought I'd just introduce myself as I was advised to do so.
So, yeah,nice to meet you all, and I hope you are people that will hold a significant position in my life, and someone worthy of remembering.
I've been a member for like 3 hours so far, and it's been very welcoming, so shokran for that.