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I'm starting abit of a project involving a beat & a rap & a recording & sort of campaign with some sort of activists from sort of random places in the sort of world but i need lots of views so guys help me out here..,

What does the word LADYLIKE mean to you?

The traditional ladylike stuff? which could be different according to age, culture, ect..

Do you think thats right?

Do you think it should mean soemthing else? If so tell me what you would like to mean..

Viva Palestina - A Lifeline To Gaza 5

So the Convoy left from London on the 18th Of September & has made it's way around Europe & into the Gulf. The Land convoy is now waiting in Latikia. They have been waiting on a campsite they set up there for nearly two weeks waiting for the green light to sail into Egypt.

They will set sail to Al Arish on Monday Morning. However, Egypt have now banned 17 people from travelling. They include 10 survivors from the Mavi Mamara, one of whom is a 83 year old man.
5 British people, and 10 from Jordan.

There are over 400 people from 30 different countries & 150 vehicles full of aid.

Pray for the success of this convoy. They are nearly at the final hurdle. The Raffah border isn't very far & our dua's can only help them.


Right so i emailed the principal, Spoke to her in person today, & no i have an appoinment with her next wednesdayy

SO i neeed idea's to put forward,. i have a few, but if anybody has anything to suggest go aheadd Smile need some help with this part cus i've just gone abit blank