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Barbaric treatment of refugees in Europe

Europeans humanitarian slogans have been exposed for the whole world to see.

Building walls and fences. Closing the borders. Allowing EU countries to create anti-muslim hysteria. Letting women and children sleep out in snow. Shooting at the refugees. Letting them drown.

Europe's nasty face has been laid bare.
Even UN condemned EU's treatment of refugees.

Don't forget that the Syrian civil war was fueled by European leaders in the first place. Now they refuse to help innocent civilians fleeing that war.

If they have any compassion and justice, they would let all Syrians free entry into any EU country that people chose. Only Germany is doing its level best. Even then they are all condemning the Germans for helping the refugees.

No Topic X

Salam to everyone.

Welcome to this unique platform that exists only on Revival Forums.

We have proudly reached NO TOPIC 10.

As you all know, we come here when we have nothing to say.
We simply talk and talk and talk. But we actually say absoutely nothing, like women.



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We have, with the help of God, reached NO TOPIC 8.

Here we just let all the wind out.

For the past 7 threads, we have debated zero.

I hope that all you guys continue to have a good time discussing absolutely NOTHING.

Those of you who have plenty of time on their hands, can browse through previous threads.

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Salam to all Revival boys and girls and aliens.

Welcome to legendary NO TOPIC.

I began this series long time ago.

We have reached Part 7 while discussing "nothing". Its very intersting.

There is nothing like it across the internet.

Carry on...


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No Topic 6

Salam to all Revival members and visitors.

Welcome to the new part NO TOPIC 6.

This is a chill zone, where we all just unwind and relax.

This series has now become legendary. The subject contains more useful insights into what muslims belief and feel than any other thread. Although they are not suppose to, but here, muslims really express their heart's desire, both hot and cold.

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[Southpark] More Cartoon Trouble

Here we go again...

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have drawn cartoons in which
they have turned Prophet into a bear.

Muslim hot heads are sure to make a big meal out of this now.

Please just ignore Stone and Parker.

Dont protests all over gain. They are only cartoons.


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South Park creators warned over Muhammad depiction

Islamists have warned the creators of TV show South Park they could face violent retribution for depicting the Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit.

A posting on the website of the US-based group, Revolution Muslim, told Matt Stone and Trey Parker they would "probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh".

Aisha 6 or 16


Atheists who mostly dont know where their sisters or mothers are at a given time, and, who also dont know the identity of their real father, they try to pick on muslim children about Prophet marrying Aisha aged 6.

We dont need to defend our Prophet to godless and shameless people.

But we have to explain the truth to muslims.

Modern research shows that Traditions about Aisha's age at marriage are all wrong.

She was at least 17 at the time of her wedding.

I believe that Aisha was 21 when she married Prophet Mohammed.

Some ancient reports that claim Aisha was 6 at time of marriage are obviously false because the Holy Messenger of God would never marry a child.

Remember, these traditions were written 250 years after the death of the Prophet.