CHAIRTY WEEK - one week at the end of octber (for unis) and the week after (for school and colleges) where everyone unite for one cause: Orphans and Needy Children.

100% Donations. Projects provided by Islamic Relief. BUT CW ISNT AN IR PROJECT. IR just help us with the admin stuff and finding suitable project for the money to go to.

so if you're in school, college, uni or even if you wanna do it as a group of friend.. GET IN TOUCH!!

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ITS ALL OVER ENGLAND! so if you're in london, wales, birmingham, scotland, there's Charity week happening there, if not, you can start it!

(and its also starting to spread worldwide!!)


I can help you get involve with CW, just ask, InshaaAllah i'll find the answers and connect you with the right people.

here's their website:

and here's THE ANNUAL REPORT 2011!!!!!! you may be wondering why the excitement. basically this report tells us where all the money we collected is going.


and dont worry. you collect money and you ALSO CHOOSE WHERE IT GOES. after charity WEEK, there'll be a power poitn available online with all the suitable project and you have a read through. then there's a survey where you rank the projects basically.


now i must go eat before i get in trouble....


Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

Lilly wrote:


I thought you were eating, and i didn't know how long you would take.

Hummus is now here and all up for this! Tell me all i need to know about CW in Birmingham, and what i need to do to get involved.

It would be lovely if anyone whose been a part of this in the past, could share their experience, mention what they learnt and what parts they enjoyed the most.




email say you're from bham and you wanna get involve. also, you could sign up to the forums

forums a bit dead though, not to worry, its so simple! thre's really nothing complicated abt it, email them, if you dont get a reply. let me know. even though im on the london team..and you fall under "midlands"

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?