FREE: Tayyibun Institute: 'A Night for Burma'- Tarawih & Fundraiser (14/08/12)

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah,

Tayyibun Institute in partnership with Islamic Relief invites you and your family this Ramadhaan to join us for:

[B]A Night for Burma (Myanmar) - Rohingya Muslims[/B][I]
[B]27th Night of Ramadhaan 1433 (Tuesday 14th August 2012)[/B][/I][B]
Reminders, Prayers and Recitation led by Imams, Quraa' & Teachers from Makkah, Madinah (Saudi Arabia) and Egypt[/B]



CHAIRTY WEEK - one week at the end of octber (for unis) and the week after (for school and colleges) where everyone unite for one cause: Orphans and Needy Children.

100% Donations. Projects provided by Islamic Relief. BUT CW ISNT AN IR PROJECT. IR just help us with the admin stuff and finding suitable project for the money to go to.

so if you're in school, college, uni or even if you wanna do it as a group of friend.. GET IN TOUCH!!

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My charity Sky dive

It was for the (orphan) children!

Salaam all Smile
this was an experience of a life time... I RECOMMEND IT TO ALL !!! i would never have done anyting like this in a million years, i get scared on likkle fairground rides.

but i dont know how i got the courange to do so... i am so glad i didnt chicken out Biggrin

now its your turn ... sign urself up with The Revival to do ur skydive and raise money for The Revival ... IM UP FOR IT AGAIN... whos with me???

Kensington Garden Winter Walk for Gaza

Muslim Hands Winter Walk is Back and taking place on Saturday 5th December 2009!

This year, set in the beautiful Kensington Gardens, in the heart of historic London, we invite you to wrap up warm, bring your family and friends and raise money in our 10 km sponsored walk. We’ll also be joined by Moazzam Begg, who will be supporting the cause and showing that we have not forgotten the continuing plight of victims suffering since the bombing. “Children in Gaza are growing up surrounded by broken buildings and a childhood full of difficult memories of losing parents and loved ones... the Winter Walk is a chance to show that we care for Gaza’s future as much as its past,” he describes.


Last Year…
1000’s of animals were sacrificed on your behalf in countries around the world. Meat was distributed in packets. As a result 1000’s of people who are too poor to consume meat were given a chance to incorporate the nutritional benefits of fresh meat into their diet. This year Minhaj Welfare Foundation is performing Qurbani’s {cows, sheep, and goats} in 18+ Countries Worldwide.


World of Difference ...

Vodafone gives people the power to make a difference - and take advantage of opportunities they might not otherwise have. If you've got a passion for working for a charity why not apply to World of Difference? We could make it possible for you to take a two month paid placement with a UK charity of your choice.

Delivered by the Vodafone Foundation (registered charity no. 1089625), World of Difference is open to anyone 18 years and over anywhere in the UK

What you get if you're selected
Two month's work experience at a UK charity of your choice.