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Fish & Chips

An interesting video on love:

For some reason the video is not embedding. The video is asking the question whether you love fish. Is it love if you take it out of the ocean, kill it and eat it?

What is described as love in this example is something you find beneficial. You love what you benefit from. This love is then contrasted with another form of love – one that you ivet in, one that you give into and it is suggested that the love where you ge is superior to the love where you recieve.

I dont necessarily agree with it, but it is interested to analyse why we desire what we desire.

My revived thoughts on Marriage

Recently I’ve had quite a few friends talking to me about marriage and how they feel sadness that while so many people that they know, are getting married, their situation regarding marriage is never changing. They want that companion that Allah swt has placed in us, to want (and it’s not being desperate or the new ‘in’ word “thirsty” – personally I think that, thinking this is both childish and naive). These friends are by no doubt conscious, of the ever present requirements of culture to get married before they get too old. Now, I don’t look down on both of these things because I can empathise, they are both, particularly the latter, sad realities of the society that we live in.

Traveler with the Quran


My love for Arabic is kicking back in. It's kicking me so hard and all i want to do is listen to Arabic. Just want to listen to Arabic all day long and listen to the Quran all day long. I want to write this blog in Arabic but that would be pointless because i'd have to accompany it with English translation. 

How to keep loving your parents when you work out they're just human (and not flawless superheroes/human)


I cant right now find an article that touched me about being good to parents or anything, but there's this video and one of his main point there is being good to parents, so that will be my introductionary post.

I created this topic coz of stuff going on at home, and at the same time i was listening to this vid and i had no idea it was going to mention parents and now im a bit at a loss coz my questions kinda got answered.


CHAIRTY WEEK - one week at the end of octber (for unis) and the week after (for school and colleges) where everyone unite for one cause: Orphans and Needy Children.

100% Donations. Projects provided by Islamic Relief. BUT CW ISNT AN IR PROJECT. IR just help us with the admin stuff and finding suitable project for the money to go to.

so if you're in school, college, uni or even if you wanna do it as a group of friend.. GET IN TOUCH!!

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The mother who cannot laugh or love

The mother who cannot laugh or love: Rare disorder means she collapses every time she expresses strong emotion

During an attack Kelly can see and hear but her body is temporarily paralysed

Attacks can last anything from a few seconds to an hour

Read more:

Too Late. Try To Understand

I haven't been on here much because I been feeling really down.
I just made this blog as a way of talking about it.

I know what many of you would say about 'LOVE out of marriage' and 'LOVE MARRIAGES' but in my case I think I was a little late as I fell in love with someone before marriage a long while ago and we broke up because her parents don't want her to marry somebody who is not of their language, Me. We broke up but I still love her and wish to marry her still.
Her parents did not put anything religious into the matter but how she should marry somebody who is the same language as they are. the funny thing is her parents have soo much in difference on cultures and she's mix raced.

I really hate this feeling but it gets harder every day.

Islam, Dawah and Family by Nouman Ali Khan

you're going to get the hardest time, the worst sarcasm and insults from your family when you try and become a better muslim, when you try to learn more and practise Islam better.

we've got to have patience and not lose hope. not lose our cool.

and remember:

Abu Lahab - the uncle and neighbour of the prophet (pbuh). the one who went out and celebrate when the prophet (pbuh)'s son died
Abu Jahl - another uncle.

they were Family - and the worst worst worst ennemies of the prophet (pbuh) and of Islam.

and its hard to make dawah to family. especially to older generations. so when it is hard to make talking dawah then the other solution is manners. staying courteous, polite, when they insult the next day you call them.

Guilty: MP's Wife Stole Love Rival's Kitten

An MP's wife has been found guilty of burglary after being caught on CCTV stealing a kitten from the home of her husband's lover.

Jurors took just over five hours to convict Christine Hemming, 53, who snatched the cat three days after separating from Liberal Democrat John Hemming.

Mrs Hemming, who showed no reaction as the verdict was returned at Birmingham Crown Court, will be sentenced next month.

She was bailed to appear at the same court on October 28.

She was seen crawling on all fours in the garden on September 29 last year before entering the house.

Three minutes later she emerged with four-month-old Beauty under her arm. The cat has not been seen since.