*Eid Mubarak*


Eid Mubarak to all of you, regardless of whether you will be celebrating Eid tomorrow or on Friday. We pray that the blessings of Allah fill your life with peace, joy and prosperity. Sorry Revivalers, I had to reuse the one i made last Eid due to the shortage of time I have on my hands.





3 guarantees of paradize

reported Abu Umaamah:

“I guarantee a house in

Jannah (Paradise) for one who gives up arguing, even if he is in the

right; and I guarantee a house in the middle of Jannah for one who

abandons lying even for the sake of fun; and I guarantee a house in the

highest part of Jannah for one who has good manners”

[Prophet Muhammad SAWS - reported by Imam Abu Dawud]

Looking for God



Looking for God

By: Yasmin Mogahed


I’ve been looking for God my whole life. I just didn’t know it. When we study those things that we all seek—in life, in a companion, in everything—we’ll find that both the believer and the atheist are actually just seeking God. See, God is the designer. Whether you’re an atheist or a believer, God is the designer of your needs, youraffinities, your inclinations. And He has designed these inner drives to fit the natural order: tawheed (to seek, recognize and submit to one single higher power).

Think for a moment about what you and I seek. What do you look for in a companion, for example? What are we running after and willing to give anything just to hear?

“I’m taking care of you.”


CHAIRTY WEEK - one week at the end of octber (for unis) and the week after (for school and colleges) where everyone unite for one cause: Orphans and Needy Children.

100% Donations. Projects provided by Islamic Relief. BUT CW ISNT AN IR PROJECT. IR just help us with the admin stuff and finding suitable project for the money to go to.

so if you're in school, college, uni or even if you wanna do it as a group of friend.. GET IN TOUCH!!

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Why does it feel like I'm not allowed to do anything?

A few years ago, I started to feel the same way [restricted], where it got to the point where I went to the person I used to talk to for advice and asked "Is it Halaal for me to be happy?"

He didn't give me a straight answer (idiot :P) but he should have emphaticaly answered "yes!"

You see the reason that folk like us have this problem is that the texts (Qur'an and Ahadith collections) talk about progress. How to be better people and more sincere worshipers. What they don't explicitly discuss is, being happy and having fun. They discuss this, but not explicitly.

Engineering barriers against failure

Time for an uncoordinated brain fart. let's see where this goes. I am not even sure the title is right, but then again, having failure in there may become accurate...

Here goes the conundrum: People like success. People are human. Humans are prone to failure.

Pretty simple really. Added complications to that are that while there is a chance that success may breed happiness, failure on the other hand will almost definitely breed misery.

None of the above really matters. Onto engineering for failure.

When engineers work on something, they spend a large amount of time on structures and the majority of that again may be for things that are not used as they will be there to cover the possibilities leading to failure.