Issue 14: Emails to the Editor

Select messages received by the Editor

Salaam Alaykum

I hope that you are well, Inshallah. I just wanted to congratulate you on your magazine. I love your mag. I cannot put it down. Alhamdullilah, I have benefited a lot from it. I have managed to get hold of the Sep/Oct edition and I love it. I love the previous issue too when you interviewed 786, they are my favourite nasheed artists so I loved the interview.

Hope you make more magazines. My dua's are with you.

Saima Arshad

Hi there,

I'm writing as the Project Coordinator for VOXX, a new v-funded youth magazine based in North East Lincolnshire. I found you just by googling 'youth magazine', and I have to say that I was really impressed with your magazine. Although ours doesn't have a specific religious basis, I suspect there's a lot we can learn from you. You have a great fresh and dynamic image which I imagine would really attract young readers and I love the very honest and open way you approach some of the more difficult topics like drugs and relationships - it's something I'm trying to encourage in my own volunteers. Getting the balance between encouraging free expression and open discussion on one side, but avoiding litigation and ensuring we give out accurate, reliable and responsible messages on the other, is a bit of a minefield!

Many Thanks

Polly Aron
VOXX Magazine

Dear Sir

Assalamu Alaikum W.R.W.B
I pray you are well.
I am the Imam at the Aylesbury Mosque and a Muslim Chaplain at Young offenders, Aylesbury. I received a copy of your well-written and beautifully produced magazine.

I would like to distribute it to the young prisoners here because it appeals to them and is their 'cup of tea'. Allah, indeed will reward you well for the work you do.


Imam Abdul Dayan


I love reading The Revival - Mashallah it is very, very good for the youth out there. The issues you raise are very true and we get taught how to deal with them. People at my school are always reading the mag, it's very popular at my school. Thank you so much for putting the mag together, keep up the fantastic work!!


Anisha Ali


I must say I do feel quite happy when I see youngsters proudly clutching the magazine. May Allah bless you and your team in the best of ways for all your efforts – I have, at home, a copy of ‘The Revival’ from about 1998 when it was just 4 pages and all printed in 2 colours. You’ve come on fantastically and it must be due to the sincerity of your intention and all your dedication. May your reward be better than anything that I can state.

If I can help with anything else then please do let me know. Keep up the great work, you’re an inspiration! May peace be blessed upon you.


Assalaam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah

I pray that you are well. I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic article in the Sept/Oct edition of The Revival. Alhamdulillah it is great to see that the issue of sects is being addressed in a rational way. As you stated this is the biggest enemy of the Ummah this moment in time. As a primary school teacher I see this being spread by children as young as 10, and feel that this poison is being spread to the next generation and needs to be removed.

Ahmir Hussain
Iqra Promotions


I'm a teacher at a Secondary School in Oldham and I saw a copy of your magazine today for the first time. I used the article on cannabis with my year 11 class to do some language work with them but using a text they felt some connection with. I'd like to use more of your articles in a similar way. Would it be possible for us to receive copies of each issue so we can use it in the classroom?


Jess Ritchie


I received several copies of The Revival at IslamExpo this year in London. I am incredibly impressed by the diversity of topics addressed and its ability to communicate with young people about crucial issues. For example, Issue 8 discusses both the tensions between police and Muslims and also violence against women which I think are two essential topics that tend to be marginalized. Although I am not Muslim I find the articles very engaging and timely. I believe that if more people of different faiths read The Revival there would be far less misunderstanding about Islam. I look forward to future articles.

Thank you

Caylee Hong


Biggrin Salaamz,
I love the Revival, i've been looking for something to read, something about islam, something which focuses on the muslim youth today, something which would answer my questions about islam, and ive go to say by reading your fantastic magazine i've learnt alot and i understand it, its not like an essay which goes on and on, instead its interesting and when you see it you want to read it, its something which the muslim youth will want to read, Mashallah you've done a great job, So may ALLAH [SWT} reward you for your hard work educating young people like me about islam, AMEEN, and i'm saying this on behalf of the muslim youth, i look forward from reading the next issue and the issues after that, take care and thank you again.

Wa-Salaam Blum 3

Anisah Ali, 14, Sheffield Biggrin


I was 12 years old when i first picked up an issue of the revival - and Alhamdullilah i thought it was BRILLIANT! engaging, interesting, full of humour; and at the same time i was learning more and more about my Islam. Thankyou so much - i think you people are great! one thing - there hasn't been a new issue for about a year now... whyy?

may peace be with you...

Nafeesa Hamid 16 years old

welcome and make yourself at home.

Yes, there has not been a magazine printed for a while now, but inshallah there will be one soon.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.

ok thankyou

asalamu alaikum