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10 Things that bring about the love of Allah swt

Ibn Qayyim RA said that there are ten things that bring about the love of Allah SWT.

1) Recitation of the Qur’an with reflection and with understanding of its meanings

2) Seeking closeness to Allah by performing voluntary deeds after having performed obligatory ones, for that leads one to the highest levels of love.

3) Remembering Allah during every situation - with one’s time, heart and deeds, one’s share of that love is to the degree of one’s share in that remembrance

4) Preferring what He loves to what you love when your desires are strong.

5) Allowing your heart to reflect on His Names and Attributes.

6) Reflecting on His many favors and blessings, both the apparent ones and hidden ones, for that leads to His love.

Why so hard?

Last week I told myself I was fixing up. I decided to concentrate on one main thing and not give up on it. And alhamdulillah, with this one thing I was able to be more mindful of other things too - I was doing well and it boosted how I was feeling spiritually. Overall I felt happier.

But then, at the back of my mind, my nafs kept telling me to start wasting time by watching random stuff, or just doing something that wasn't so religious. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't spending all my time trying to be a perfect Muslim but as I was more mindful I just felt I needed to do things differently and tried to concentrate on that, to some extent.

Effective way to memorise duas #HelpfulTip

Put Stickers of the dua on walls/other easily visible places

We used to have a sticker with the dua before entering the toilet outside of the bathroom. I read it all the time so by the time we took it down it was already stuck in my head and alhamdulillah I still always read it Smile

You just gotta make sure it's clearly readable and at eye distance.

Try it! Or if you can't find a sticker for a particular dua, just print it out and stick it.