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Ramadan reflections day 24

I’ve been reading the Qur’an obviously, and I’ve been reading the translation alongside it too. I don’t think I need to say the benefits of reading the Qur’an, and especially understanding what Allah is saying to me. But to describe it in a couple of ways - it builds and confirms faith; after all it is what teaches us faith itself. It is comforting, inspiring, educating, scary, powerful, awakening and humbling.

Ramadan reflections day 18

SubhanAllah! Humans are great creations. Our abilities to understand and empathise are some of the greatest things we can do. We can recognise peoples’ emotions, and respond accordingly, we can help the emotionally distressed even by a few words of encouragement or wisdom. We can make people cry with laughter. We can make people feel happy, safe, accepted, loved.

I read in Thursday’s metro a story about a 15yr girl who had drowned and her 14yr old friend attempted to rescue her but drowned and died herself too. What a a courageous and loving girl she must’ve been. I hope her parents find solace in knowing their daughter will be known as a hero.

But humans can be capable of doing things which cannot be described as anything but purely evil.

Ramadan reflections day 17

Ramadan Reflections day 17

In Islam actions are judged by their intentions. Let me clarify – that’s just for good actions, wrong actions are wrong despite the intention. However good actions can be ruined and instead of being rewarded they can be a source of sin if our intention isn’t correct and sincere. On the other hand having the right intention in whatever we do can mean everything we do is a form of worship.

We should be making this dua at least 5x a day (unless you read a different one in your salah)

Ramadan reflections day 16

There are many lessons to be gained from the amazing story of how Musa peace be upon him was led to and had a conversation with Allah (swt).  I’m just going to share a part of the story here.

Musa (as) had been freaked out initially but by now he’s realised he is in a conversation with Allah (swt) but to make him feel calm Allah swt asks Musa (as) about something he is very familiar with

And what is that in your right hand, O Moses?" (Q 20:17)

Musa (as) replies

Ramadan reflections day 15

Suits is a brilliant show set in a law firm which revolves more around the personal struggles and relationships of the workers than the law work itself. The scripts are usually filled with quick witted genius dialogue and the plots themselves are entertaining too. I would say I recommend it, but after the ending of last season I'm questioning whether I should I watch it myself. Of course I can, and did, just not watch the innaporpriate scenes but that's not the point.

Anyway that was just some background information. And bear with me, this IS a Ramadan reflection Blum 3

So I saw these tweets last night

Ramadan Reflections

Recently I've been trying to be more healthy but previously there's been two times in the year when I have *really* thought about the fact that my body has a right over me; exam period and Ramadan. During exams because I believe any sin I commit and anything wrong I do will affect my memory, my performance and my results. Therefore I have to do the right thing by my body as well as avoiding other wrong things. If only I lived like this every day of my life...I'm trying inshaAllah.