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Fateful Rizq


I've been decluttering stuff left right and centre.
Alhamdu lilah, what a joyous feeling !

I want to share a recent personal experience
with you.

So I've got 2.5TB worth of external hard drives.

I bought a program that finds repeat files so that
I can delete them.

Turns out that I had repeat files on them AND
on my MAC (which is another 2TB)

So that's about 3 TB of repeat files !!!

Love Thy Self

 Today, we're taught to loathe ourselves.

We are taught that the source of all evil

is the self. This isn't true.


Or rather, it need not be true.


And is primarily ONLY true because of the

self fulfilling prophecy of believing that it is true.


Islam came to free you and enrich your

self and spirit. Not to make you hate it.

Not to have you turn into a twisted

self-hating self-righteous sinner.


You might have heard that there are 3 types

of nafs (self):


- The commander of evil

- The blaming self

- The tranquil/secure self


Before you can help others (as a therapist, friend, parent...)


Salamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

Before you can be a decent therapist,
or a facilitator... and this is really important for
parenting too, by the way...

Before you can be a good therapist, you need
to have gotten over a substantial portion of
your own luggage.

And since no one is perfect, and you'll
always have faults... you need to have a system
whereby you can cleanse and enrich yourself.

This starts with loving yourself.
Then it proceeds to you feeling so self sufficient
that you begin to host others.

True love

 Some people when they fall in love they say "I need you, I can't live without you" the hearts have become attached in a very wrong way, this is not love. ..Sometimes as we acquire things, they own us, they enter our hearts- this is the complete opposite of freedom and reliance upon Allah (swt)