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Meaningful prayer

I posted details about an online course called 'Meaningful Prayer' taught by Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda of Qalam Institute. Here are some of my notes which I've literally copied and pasted : $ I've shared them before and they were understood but if feel free to ask if anything is confusing you. (the Solskjaer reference is my own as the shaykh referred to some American sport thing. Everything else is pretty much me trying to copy as much as possible because I'm a lame note taker Sad )
Also forgive my transliterations I know they're terrible. And inshaAllah I'll add the rest of my notes later.

Names and ages of Palestinians killed

Because they are not just numbers:


shraf al-Qedra, a spokesman for the Gaza health ministry, is providing Al Jazeera with a list the names of those killed since the start of Israel's campaign on Monday, July 7. The list is updated regularly.

1. Mohammed Shaaban (24) killed in Gaza

2. Amjad Shaaban (30) killed in Gaza

3. Khader Al-Bashiliki (45) killed in Gaza

4. Rashad Yassin (27) killed in the Nusseurat refugee camp

5. Mohammed Ayman Ashour (15) killed in Khan Younis

6. Riad Mohammed Kawareh (50) killed in Khan Younis

7. Bakr Mohammed Judeh (22) killed in Khan Younis

8. Ammar Mohammed Judeh (26) killed in Khan Younis

The significance in the insignificant

We don’t drink coffee at home. My mum made it once or twice when I was younger and I remember not liking the smell or the sip I had so I’ve never wanted it. Wait, I recently accidentally bought an iced caramel latte, does that count as coffee? It was disgusting, I was kinda gutted to have wasted that £3 something and I wondered if people actually spend this amount of money on coffee and hot drink every day? It sounds expensive.

My point is I don’t really know anything about coffee. I know that’s weird.

Ramadan Thoughts

I saw a link to a video with the caption “6th day of Ramadan” I may have misread it but it made me panic.  Nope, it wasn’t the 6th day today, but it was the 5th! The days are flying by and to make use of some clichés – this Ramadan doesn’t feel like a sprint or a marathon. It feels like an uphill battle. 

Commenting on peoples deaths

Paul Walker, the actor famous for Fast & Furious, died in a car crash yesterday, with his friend who was driving the car. I only knew about this because it was all over twitter. If you said his name to me, I wouldn't know who he is (haven't watched F&F) but he did look familiar when I saw his pics.

So a celeb dies and you get people on social media sending their prayers, upset and crying. Then you get the people who're all like "Look at how much they care about a celeb's death, but they don't care about those dying in wars and the poverty-ridden". Tbh I think I have been one of those people in the past. But I came to realise the disrespect that is giving to a life and to the family and friends of the life that has gone. 

I really want to marry him

Assalamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

So I got a question about
tranquility from a sister,
but about marriage proposals:

"What if the heart feels tranquillity
in a decision which isn't out of
the bounds of Shariah
yet circumstances dictate otherwise?

I.e parents turning down good
proposals due to race/status?

But you feel like the person would
be a good bet?

If the parental influence in this decision,
jeopardising the level of tranquillity
starts making you feel not tranquil,
does it become a whim if you still
wish to marry the person?

Should you just let it go because
the tranquillity has been unsettled?"

She actually answers her own
question. lol.