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The dead could occupy the same world as the living

Medieval records evoke the time when the dead were always with us.
The Abbot of the Monastery of Burton-on-Trent recorded an uncanny series of events that occurred around 1090.
"There were two villagers living in Stapenhill, who ran away to a neighboring village. The very next day at the third hour , they were suddenly struck down dead.
Soon after their corpses were buried, word came of two alien beings roaming the woods. Now they appeared in the shape of men carrying wooden coffins on their shoulders. Now in the likeness of bears or dogs."

The villagers were in were in mortal terror of the two phantom dead men who roamed the countryside at night.
The Bishop authorized the villagers to dig up the dead bodies.

The Wolf, Dog and the Collar

A comfortably plump dog happened to run into a wolf. The wolf asked the dog where he had been finding enough good to get so big and fat.

'It is a man,' said the dog, 'who gives me all this food to eat.'

The wolf then asked him, 'And what about that bare spot there on your neck?'

The dog replied, "My skin has been rubbed bare by the iron collar which my master forged and placed upon my neck.'

The wolf then jeered at the dog and said,' Keep your luxury to yourself then! I don't want anything to do with it, if my neck will have to chafe against a chain of iron!'

[Aesop's Fables, Laura Gibbs]

Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allen Ahlberg

In this book
With your little eye
Take a look
And play “I spy”

Each Peach Pear Plum
I spy Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb in the cupboard
I spy Mother Hubbard

Mother Hubbard in the cellar
I spy Cinderella

Cinderella on the stairs
I spy the Three Bears

Three Bears out hunting
I spy Baby Bunting

Baby Bunting fast asleep
I spy Bo-peep

Bo-peep on the hill
I spy Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill in the ditch
I spy the Wicked Witch

Wicked Witch over the wood
I spy Robin Hood

Robin Hood in the den
I spy three bears again

Three bears still hunting
They spy Baby Bunting

Baby Bunting safe and dry
I spy Plum Pie

Plum pie in the sun,
I spy everyone!