Opposing Oppression & being politically active or Purifying yourself from sin and becoming closer to Allah?

Sajid Iqbal

Today we have some Muslims who believe the role of Muslims is only to oppose and speak out against oppression by being politically active. They oppose and ridicule Muslims who don't do this. They despise Muslims who just want to focus on being better Muslims by purifying themselves from sin and evil. They ridicule Muslims who focus on just worship like prayer, zikr and religious rituals.


The Revival would like to condemn the disgusting and barbaric murder in Woolwich. Our prayers and thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased. It's a heinous criminal act and the perpetrators should be punished accordingly. It should be clear that murder, extremism and terrorism has no religion. We should all condemn and punish the criminals not the community or faith they may be affiliated to.

This is a time for the whole country to pull together as one to tackle this evil rather than allowing extremists to divide us. The British nation should stay united, strong, resolute and determined to deal with any act that threatens our peace, harmony and unity.

Why is Prince Charles so attracted to Islam?

Omid Safi

Why is Prince Charles so attracted to Islam?

A recent story about Prince Charles learning Arabic in order to undertake a deeper study of the Qur’an has created a lot of hubbub in the British media.

The story has raised rumors yet again about the heir to the British throne’s deep fascination with Islam.

A decade ago, Islamophobes were already filled with dread that Prince Charles might have already converted to Islam.

So what is behind this attraction to Islam?  What about Islam is proving so appealing to Prince Charles himself?   To answer that question, let us listen to some of what he has to say.

It's Easy to have an Affair

Alveena Salim

Networking is a lot of fun. You can catch up with long lost friends, make new friends and even find business contacts. Blackberries, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Bebo, Friends Reunited, Hi5, emails and social networks all make it so much easier to re-connect with people.

It’s also an easy way to start an online affair.

Social networks are a great avenue for meeting ex-boyfriends/girlfriends. You can meet people that you fancied at school or college but never had the courage to admit your feelings. Or people, that you may not have known that well at University, but according to their profiles, you can see that now they are extremely successful and attractive.


An Idiot’s Guide to Eid
By Sajid Iqbal
Editor, The Revival

Published in the

What is Eid?
Eid is a festival celebrated throughout the world by all Muslims.

Is Eid just like Christmas?
Eid you could say is similar to Christians celebrating Christmas. Both are religious festivals but the reasons for celebrating them are different.

Save Maryam

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Da’wah: An invitation usually to Islam or towards any good

Dhikr: Remembrance of Allah

Fitnah: In the Quran it is used to describe the trials and temptations that may face the believers. Now, it is used to describe the forces that cause mischief, chaos and scandal within the Muslim community, disturbing social peace and order

Hanafi: A person who follows the Hanafi school of thought, founded by Imam Abu Hanifa

Iddat: A period of waiting by a woman, after the death of her husband (four months and ten days) or divorce (three months), during which she may not marry another man and hence must abstain from sexual intercourse