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I've seen that video before. Is it not a good one to put up on here?

Do the Revival people not need to know about it?


I was just about to post this. 

What does everybody have to say about this though?

I don't know enough about what exactly is happening there and how true those statistics are. Not likely to get the whole story from a 4 minute video. 

What exactly are they gonna do with the £2 million and how effective will it really be?

Also i've read somewhere that people are actually being forced to convert from Islam, again i don't know how reliable the source is. 

Really need to know more about the problem/issue before i can get involved or tell others to do so. 

Lets reunite the ummah under one flag LA ILAHA IL ALLAH MUHAMMADUR RASULULLAH

This issue of Indonesian Muslims converting to Christianity seems to be a new topic and it did actually surprise me! It may well have been a problem a while back, but we've only just found out because this issue hit the spotlight and awareness is being created through campaigns like 'Save Maryam'.

In a country which faces natural disasters with some living in poor standards of living, the people are being picked on for their vunerability, fear, poverty and lack of Islamic or general education. This is how the Indonesian Muslims are being encouraged to move away from the best religion that they could ever follow.

I've heard (not sure how reliable this is), when a person is ill, they are given a liquid to drink. The giver explains that it is from their caring priest. When the liquid does eventually soothe their pains or cure them, they begin to believe that the priest has the strength and power to cure which was gifted by Jesus- not realising that the liquid is infact an already available medicine containing paracetomol or other ingredients for relief.

I'm glad that there are people who are actively trying to tackle this issue and provide guidance and support to those who are minutes/hours/days away from being led astray. They have two great ideas; the Islamic TV Channel and the Community Helpline which I believe are successful methods.

Not only will these methods reach all those who actually need it, I think it will strengthen the faith of those in charge of this campaign, those who are hosting the TV Channel, those who are answering the desperate calls of the people, and (not forgetting), the remainder of the Muslim population in Indonesia.


Came on here to create a blog abt this. Whats the matter with it Tpos? Whhy did u wanted it deleted? (btw. U c delete ur own logpost by editing then delete)

its such a scary thought that sothing remotely like this cld be happening... But ithought it was a radio station...nt tv chnrl. Thay aside..i wish i cld go there and help out.

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

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Titanium wrote:
I don't get this... I felt that the video was like a threat... 200million is a lot of people u know esp compared to 2 million... The Christian community is *still* out numbered... So why are you feeling threatened. Why snear at Christianity or Christians they are people of the book... I get the video if ur goal is a world with Muslim domination. That'd be like Israel but on a larger scale...


Yes, they may be people of the Book, but if people are leaving Islam, out of ignorance or misunderstanding, then that's concerning.

I think ths campaign is needed!

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What Mercy Mission said about Islam and Christian in Indonesia is simply untrue.
To use such kind of misleading data to raise money is clearly a real deception, this is a con for what any reason behind.
To exaggerate the 'Christianisation' as a severe problem in Indonesia is by all mean like fuelling the hardliners to attack their non-Muslim neighbours. And of course, only Indonesians would suffer, the campaigners would get fresh money and run away easily and innocently.