This constant fear of hate crime is no way to live | Remona Aly

The Guardian World news: Islam - 21 June, 2017 - 19:09

Anti-Muslim offences have surged. Government, media and everyday people must do their bit to break the cycle of violence and mistrust

Following the atrocities at Manchester Arena and London Bridge, Islamophobic attacks went up fivefold. In the week after the Manchester bomb alone, 139 incidents were reported – including abuse of a Muslim surgeon who helped save the lives of those injured. And in London, in the year ending March 2017, 1,260 incidents of Islamophobic hate crime were recorded.

Whenever there’s an Islamist terrorist attack, Muslims brace themselves for the backlash – it’s a position we’ve become grimly accustomed to adopting over the past 15 years. As well as mourning any lives lost, we must prepare for the aftermath: the Muslim pensioner beaten on his way to the mosque; the Muslim women assaulted, spat at, their hijabs ripped off; the petrol bombs at mosques, the bullying at school, the children wetting their beds.

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Acts of Charity, How LaunchGood Campaigns Happen and Why it All Matters

altmuslim - 21 June, 2017 - 18:34
Once these campaigns cross into the six-digits we consistently hear, “Why so much? How are the funds going to be used? Why not share the funds with other worthy causes?” These are all fair questions. For example, Nabra’s campaign started with a goal of $10,000 and now is at $300,000+. Perhaps the funeral will cost a few thousand, but then what?

ITV defends EDL founder's appearance on Good Morning Britain

The Guardian World news: Islam - 20 June, 2017 - 14:05

Tommy Robinson labelled Qur’an a ‘violent and cursed book’ and was called a ‘bigoted lunatic’ by show’s co-host Piers Morgan

ITV has defended the appearance of Tommy Robinson on Good Morning Britain after the English Defence League co-founder called the Qur’an a “violent and cursed book” and host Piers Morgan accused of him being a “bigoted lunatic’.

There was a backlash on social media after Robinson’s interview with Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid. Some Twitter users criticised the programme for giving Robinson a platform for his views, while Robinson and his supporters denounced Morgan for intervening and talking over him.

The reaction to our @GMB encounter today confirms what I suspected about @TRobinsonNewEra - he inspires a lot of vile, bigoted thugs.

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Dear Theresa May, come and meet some Muslims. It might help if you knew us | Masuma Rahim

The Guardian World news: Islam - 20 June, 2017 - 13:30
A lack of engagement by senior Conservatives is part of the process of ‘othering’ us, as the risks to Muslims of extremism have been ignored. Treat us as equals, not enemies

The first half of 2017 has felt relentless. Barely a week seems to pass without news of some kind of catastrophe, whether natural or man-made. There is an abundance of news, and it is exhausting.

As a Muslim, though, I cannot remember any Ramadan that has been as emotionally draining as this one. While the country was still reeling from the Manchester bombing, the first weekend of the holiest month in the Muslim calendar was punctuated by the attacks at London Bridge and the surrounding area. The fire at Grenfell Tower – and our deepening understanding of the catalogue of errors, mismanagement and neglect that allowed dozens of people to burn to death – has left many of us devastated. And on Sunday night reports began to emerge of worshippers being run over while leaving a mosque in Finsbury Park.

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Far-right extremists are cornered and dangerous. They must be challenged | Owen Jones

The Guardian World news: Islam - 20 June, 2017 - 12:38
If the Finsbury Park atrocity is part of a resurgence in the radical right, it’s surely time to act. We urgently need a strategy to deal with this fanatical movement

Britain’s far right is desperate, angry, cornered, and dangerous, as the Finsbury Park atrocity may well show. In just a year, the number of far-right extremists referred to the government has jumped by nearly a third. Social media abounds with frothing far-right fanatics, screaming about betrayal and vengeance. Both Muslims and the left are firmly in their sights – and we urgently need a strategy to deal with it.

What’s going on? There are all sorts of reasons for this rise. One part is the decision, last year, by the leave camp to run a vicious and dishonest anti-immigration campaign. This campaign had consequences. It’s not just about how xenophobia and anti-immigration rhetoric was apparently conferred with official legitimacy. Radical rightwingers see Brexit as a national revolution – even if this is not the case for most leave voters – an opportunity to wage a culture war against the social values of the left. Theresa May offered a false premise for her vanity general election – that Labour (which voted to trigger article 50) was attempting to subvert the referendum result. “Crush the saboteurs,” screeched the Daily Mail as the election was called. Such rhetoric from the press – like the Mail’s infamous “Enemies of the people” headline – grants legitimacy to the far-right’s worldview, that their opponents are national traitors and saboteurs. So when the attempt to smash the Labour party disastrously rebounded on the Tories, the radical right apparently became terrified that its version of Brexit – which for a small sliver of the population represents a national rightwing revolution – was imperilled. This fuels the traditional far-right “stab in the back” narrative – that traitors have betrayed the nation.

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The Infused Knowledge of Ramadan

altmuslim - 19 June, 2017 - 22:28
Human beings are brought into the world incomplete and can only be completed under the influence of heaven. It is during Ramadan that we are disassembled and reassembled along lines truer to our innate nature, and through this process come to humbly accept our need for the Divine.

Virginia Muslim teenager's death being investigated as road rage, police say

The Guardian World news: Islam - 19 June, 2017 - 19:46

Mohmoud Hassanen tells Guardian his 17-year-old daughter, Nabra, who was killed on Sunday, that he does not believe authorities’ version of events

Police say the killing of a Muslim teenager near a mosque close to Washington DC is being investigated as a road rage incident.

But the father of Nabra Hassanen rejected detectives’ theory and said he believed his 17-year-old daughter was targeted because she was Muslim.

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The Guardian view on the Finsbury Park attack: terrorism will not divide us | Editorial

The Guardian World news: Islam - 19 June, 2017 - 19:40
This latest dreadful act is also a timely reminder of the experience of Islamophobia that Muslims in Britain endure

Groups of people of identifiable religious identity in this month of Ramadan, congregating on a north London street near Finsbury Park mosque. A white van driven with apparently murderous intent mounting the pavement. The attack that took place soon after midnight looks as if it was intended as a vicious and terrifying echo of the London Bridge attack less than two weeks earlier. One man, who had been taken ill just before the attack, is dead, two more were critically injured and a further six were hospitalised. The driver, attempting to flee, was tackled by his intended victims. A local imam, Mohammed Mahmoud, in a striking example of the way so-called British values also reflect the values of Islam, used his authority to protect the attacker from the understandable anger of his captors. A man is now in police custody facing charges of attempted murder.

Once more, a highly diverse community, along with police and politicians – including the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who is the local MP and was alerted quickly to the attack – have responded with the kind of urgent compassion and generosity that is the exact opposite of the division that terror is intended to achieve. Theresa May, in a statement in Downing Street and then on a visit to Finsbury Park, managed to do the right thing with reasonable timing. It will not be enough to redeem her standing, but at least it suggests she has learned something from the past few dreadful days.

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Don’t let the Finsbury Park attack sow division and discord | Letters

The Guardian World news: Islam - 19 June, 2017 - 19:30
We must hold on to the values of pluralism and diversity that define Britain, write Ayesha Malik and Keith Flett

Just as a wonderful spirited weekend dedicated to celebrating the life of the late MP Jo Cox drew to a close, a driver ploughed into worshippers in Finsbury Park as they left a mosque. For this to be the fourth terror attack in Britain in four months is shocking, and as a mosque-goer in London it is also extremely unsettling. Moreover, if it is a retaliatory attack for those in London and Manchester, it unfolds an uncomfortable new reality.

During these difficult times, it is important not to be clouded by the fog of hate that extremists on both sides of the spectrum wish upon us. We must hold on to the values of pluralism and diversity that have defined Britain since long before any written enactment of human rights laws. The spirit of the people has embodied such principles, and it is this spirit that we must focus on as a response to heinous acts of terrorism.

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Beauty and the Beast – Which of the Two Faces of Islam will Prevail?

altmuslim - 19 June, 2017 - 19:10
The challenge and struggle of our generation is which face of the House of Islam will triumph? Will it be the beautiful face briefly outlined above or the beastly dimension that will continue to dominate our airwaves? One very much hopes that just like the Beauty and the Beast story line, where the Prince and Belle host a ball for the kingdom and they dance happily ever after into the sunset, that the story line of the Islam also has a beautiful ending,


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