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Incidents of anti-Muslim abuse up by 326% in 2015, says Tell MAMA

29 June, 2016 - 07:00

Monitoring group’s report paints picture of an explosion of anti-Muslim hate, with women disproportionately targeted by mostly teen perpetrators

Incidents of anti-Muslim abuse and attacks in public areas of the UK rose by 326% in 2015, with women disproportionately targeted by mostly teenage perpetrators, according to a new report from the monitoring group Tell MAMA.

More than one in 10 of all incidents reported to the organisation took place in educational establishments, with public transport in city centres another cluster area.

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I welcome media scrutiny of homophobia – but it is hardly exclusive to Muslims

29 June, 2016 - 04:24

News Corp publications should be applauded for calling out homophobia but it is blatant hypocrisy to single it out among Muslims and ignore it elsewhere

In the week following the prime minister’s Iftar dinner, the News Corp media published several articles condemning prominent Australian Muslims for homophobic statements they’ve made in the past. Campaigns against homophobia have faced ongoing challenges in Australia, with venom and animosity directed at LGBTI communities from all ends of the spectrum.

For example, Lyle Shelton, from the Australian Christian Lobby, likened gay marriage to “unthinkable” Nazi atrocities. Senator Bob Day of the Family First Party believes the anti-bullying program Safe Schools is a “gay lifestyle promotion program”; Wendy Francis, also of Family First, has declared that, “… children in homosexual relationships are subject to emotional abuse. Legitimising gay marriage is like legalising child abuse.”

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Suspected car bomb detonated outside Perth mosque as hundreds pray inside

28 June, 2016 - 23:06

No one injured in attack, which included anti-Islamic graffiti being sprayed on the fence outside the mosque in Thornlie in Perth’s southern suburbs

A suspected car bomb was detonated outside a Perth mosque on Tuesday night as hundreds of worshippers attended a prayer service inside.

No one inside the Thornlie Mosque was injured when the white 4WD exploded shortly after 8pm outside the Thornlie mosque, near the Australian Islamic College in Perth’s southern suburbs.

Perth Mosque Explosion - pictures of a car bomb which was detonated outside a place of Islamic worship in WA. #sun7

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Ethnic minorities ask: 'How did Great Britain become Little England?'

28 June, 2016 - 14:22

We asked people around the country to share their experiences after the EU referendum result

Evidence is emerging of an increase in racist incidents in the wake of the Brexit vote. There have been more than 100 reports of racist incidents since Friday, causing alarm about increasing racial, religious and ethnic tensions.

In particular, there have been instances of Muslims targeted in racist acts across Wales and in Birmingham. During a Channel 4 news interview, a voter in Barnsley, where the leave vote was nearly 70%, said he wanted “to stop Muslims coming to this country. Simple as that”.

In Barnsley, 70% of the population voted to leave the European Union @C4Ciaran found out why

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Trump campaign denies reports he is rolling back proposed Muslim ban

28 June, 2016 - 02:12

While Donald Trump has not formally renounced his advocacy for banning all Muslims from entering the US, his rhetoric has shifted in recent weeks

The Trump campaign pushed back hard on reports that the presumptive Republican nominee was modifying his proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States Monday.

“This is not accurate,” said Hope Hicks, a spokesperson for the campaign. “There has been no change from the exchanges over the weekend.”

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MPs launch inquiry into sharia courts in UK

27 June, 2016 - 17:30

Home affairs committee to consider sharia courts’ compatibility with British law, in parallel with Home Office inquiry

MPs on the Commons home affairs committee have launched an inquiry into the operation of sharia courts in the UK to ensure their principles are compatible with British law.

The announcement follows the establishment of a similar investigation by the Home Office last month.

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Cameron condemns post-Brexit xenophobic and racist abuse

27 June, 2016 - 14:20

PM says government ‘will not tolerate intolerance’ after reports of hate crimes and abuse after EU referendum

David Cameron has condemned xenophobic abuse after the EU referendum amid a growing chorus of concern over intolerance and hostility.

The prime minister told the cabinet the government “will not tolerate intolerance” and it condemned “some of the incidents we have seen across the country over the weekend of intimidating migrants and telling them that they need to go home”.

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Brexit has given voice to racism – and too many are complicit | Miqdaad Versi

27 June, 2016 - 12:55
Since the EU referendum I have collated more than 100 racist incidents. Politicians and the media are fuelling this fire

When Shahesta Shaitly asked a cabbie in the Midlands at the weekend: “Why did you vote leave?” she was told: “To get you lot out of here.”

Her case is unfortunately not unique. It is one of more than 100 reports of racist incidents since the EU referendum that I have collated for the Muslim Council of Britain. The result seems to have unleashed a Pandora’s box of bigotry and Islamophobia – one that will require strong collective action to close.

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Muslim women kicked out of US cafe accused of ‘civilizational jihad’ by lawyer

23 June, 2016 - 23:02

California cafe sued for ejecting women wearing hijabs files countersuit, led by lawyer who says womens’ claim is part of ‘jihad’ to weaken western civilization

A group of Muslim women who claim in a lawsuit they were kicked out of a California restaurant for wearing headscarfs have been accused of “civilizational jihad” by a lawyer for the restaurant, which has launched a countersuit.

The seven women, six of whom were wearing hijabs, were kicked out of Urth Caffe in Laguna Beach in April.

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Trojan horse school case based on misinformation, tribunal told

23 June, 2016 - 17:34

Lawyer for two former Park View principals says government handling of affair marred by fear and incompetence

The government’s handling of the Trojan horse affair involving schools in Birmingham was marred by fear and incompetence, creating a febrile atmosphere in which innocent explanations were rejected in order to blame “bad Muslims”, a tribunal has been told.

Andrew Faux, representing two former principals of Park View academy, the school at the centre of an alleged takeover by conservative Islamists in 2014, told the National College of Teaching and Leadership tribunal that the case against his clients rested on “snippets of misinformation”.

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Pakistani Sufi singer shot dead in Karachi

22 June, 2016 - 19:32

Outpouring of grief across Pakistan as famed musician Amjad Sabri is killed in Taliban gun attack on car

One of Pakistan’s most famous and respected musicians, celebrated for devotional songs from a centuries-old mystic tradition, has been shot dead by Taliban gunmen in Karachi.

Amjad Sabri, 45, was shot by two men on a motorbike as he drove through a congested area of the port city on Wednesday, Allah Dino Khawaja, the regional police chief, told Reuters. A relative travelling with the musician was injured but survived.

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Everything you need to know about being gay in Muslim countries

21 June, 2016 - 11:30

The official fiction, Brian Whitaker explains, is that gay people don’t exist in the Middle East. They do – and for many of them, the attitudes of family and society are a much bigger problem than the fear of being persecuted

When the US supreme court ruled in favour of same-sex marriage last year, the White House welcomed it with rainbow-coloured lights and many people celebrated by adding a rainbow tint to their Facebook profile.

For the authorities in Saudi Arabia, though, this was cause for alarm rather than celebration, alerting them to a previously unnoticed peril in their midst. The first casualty was the privately run Talaee Al-Noor school in Riyadh which happened to have a rooftop parapet painted with rainbow stripes. According to the kingdom’s religious police, the school was fined 100,000 riyals ($26,650) for displaying “the emblem of the homosexuals” on its building, one of its administrators was jailed and the offending parapet was swiftly repainted to match a blue rainbow-free sky.

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Funding fear of Muslims: $206m went to promoting 'hatred', report finds

20 June, 2016 - 18:47

Council on American-Islamic Relations and University of California Berkeley report names 74 groups they say contributed to Islamophobia in the US

Inciting hate toward American Muslims and Islam has become a multimillion-dollar business, according to a report released on Monday.

Released by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (Cair) and University of California Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender, the report names 74 groups it says contribute in some way to Islamophobia in the US. Of those groups, it says, the primary purpose of 33 “is to promote prejudice against, or hatred of, Islam and Muslims”.

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Vote Leave board member quits over anti-Muslim retweets

20 June, 2016 - 18:22

Businesswoman Arabella Arkwright resigns after Guardian asked her about activity on her social media account

A Vote Leave board member has resigned after it emerged that she promoted anti-Muslim material on social media, including an image of a white girl in the middle of a group of people wearing burqas saying: “Britain 2050: why didn’t you stop them Grandad?”

Arabella Arkwright, a businesswoman who sat on the board and finance committee of Vote Leave, stepped down after the Guardian asked her about a series of tweets and retweets from her account.

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Erdoğan dined with Turkish transgender star after clashes at LGBT rally

20 June, 2016 - 14:00

Turkish president and his wife had iftar with Bülent Ersoy hours after Istanbul riot police used teargas to break up protest

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, had a Ramadan dinner with Turkey’s best-known transgender celebrity hours after Istanbul riot police broke up an LGBT rally.

The conservative president and his wife, Ermine Erdoğan, shared iftar at the end of the Muslim fasting day on Sunday with a group of artists including actor Bülent Ersoy.

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Labor candidate Christian Kunde quits after 'smear campaign' over Hizb ut-Tahrir links

20 June, 2016 - 01:19

Candidate for Farrer ‘distressed and devastated’ about being branded a ‘supporter of terrorism’ for comments defending a spokesman for the extreme Islamic group

Labor’s candidate for Farrer has resigned over comments defending Uthman Badar, the spokesman for extreme Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

In a 2014 piece for the ABC’s religion and ethics website, Christian Kunde lamented ad hominem attacks against Badar. Badar has said that there is a “place for violence” and war in Islam “with conditions and qualifications”.

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Trump proposes racial profiling as a tactic 'to start thinking about'

19 June, 2016 - 19:00

Republicans struggled to respond to the worst mass shooting in US history on Sunday, as Donald Trump proposed profiling of Muslims by law enforcement and members of Congress gave mixed messages about a gun control vote looming on Monday.

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Iftar at Kirribilli House: this is the Australia I'm proud to call home

18 June, 2016 - 06:25

The absence of such an event at the prime minister’s residence in the past said a lot about the implicit sentiment. Turnbull should be lauded for changing that

Hosting an Iftar at the prime minister’s residence can seem a very simply, purely symbolic gesture. Iftar (meaning “breaking fast”) is the first meal at the end of a day of fasting for Muslims observing Ramadan.

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