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Google Operating System

...most people's computer experience is bogged down with frustration - from the time it takes to start a computer, to software conflicts, and worries about viruses and malware (or for Apple Macs the cost of buying a computer).

Google promises to change all that by stripping desktop computing to its basics. Your PC won't have to do the heavy lifting, applications will run in your browser instead, powered by Google's huge server farms.

I.E 8 problems

Dear Admin,

Since I upgraded from I.E7 to I.E.8 I have noticed problems with my Windows Live page. Normally when you had it on remember my email settings, the page would remember multiple email addresses and you would just have to click your adress and type your password.

On I.E.8 it no longer stores multiple addresses, just the last one to use the page.

Please help.

Cool stuff/weird stuff

Once this person was driving and I was in the passenger seat and I had no idea about the area we were in. The driver said you have to give me directions to such and such a street. He was messing about because he knew exactly where it was but I played along saying 'left' or 'go straight' etc and five minutes later I got us there! I was so shocked, it was such a fluke! It was the quickest way there too.

Last night I had a dream that I was protecting the president and we were all in this jeep. Somehow it went over a waterfall and everyone started panicking. I thought "forget this" and threw my arms up like I was on a roller coaster and shouted "Whoooooooooooo!" as we went over the edge. At the bottom I was buzzing like it was the best ride of my life.

Improve your driving


I've had two driving lessons and my steering is aweful. I'm talking [b]turning-left-at-7 miles-an-hour-and-nearly-crashing-into-a-tree-on-the-right-hand-side-pavement[/b] aweful. Not to mention winding from side to side as I cruise down a road, at walking speed. After [u]much[/u] practise I move a little right to avoid a parked car and end up steering smoothly out of the way whilst managing a decent speed, just straighten up and there I am, driving in a straight the right hand lane.

So I hit on a way to improve my steering. :idea: Playing driving games!

My name's Dawud and I'm an alcoholic.


Hope everyone's okay.

We've had a few threads in a similar field: pet peeves, likes, being humbled and other personality and experience topics. I don't think this one's been covered before, my apologies if it has.
I thought we could do one about major fears and debilitating weaknesses. Be careful here, remember the dignity of the reader if you choose to post your experiences.

Here's mine. No I'm not an alcoholic, AlhamduLilllah .

Al Farghana event Sunday


[size=18][b]IMPORTANT SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! [/b][/size]

We have some excellent news for everyone!

[b][color=green]The monthly Nahj us Salamah weekend residential has been replaced with a very special one day event in ENGLISH:

In the company of his Eminence Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri
Sunday 6th August 2006 at 2.00pm
(Please arrive promptly)

Idara Minhaj ul Quran
292-296 Romford Road,