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it is the time of year to be applying to colleges, trouble is i just have no experience in this sort of thing, its getting kinda late and ive only applied to Woodhouse (and i havnt even completed it yet i still have to get my predictions :roll: )
any recommendations? btw i live in north west london...



Salama bros and sis'!

I'm taking my first ever gcse Islamic studies tomorrow( :? ) and desperately need your duas. And also for my arabic gcse on Thursday inshallah, it's completely useless I know as I couldn't put together a sentence let alone an essay, but the teachers insist. Still a few duas won't hurt and who knows, I might just pass! :roll: also any advice anyone might have!

Jazakallah everyone and may everyone taking their exams do well and Allah make it easy for them inshallah!

Ps. Just a general post area for others taking their exams!


I've been wondering... as a girl, im attracted to shoes. but islamically, what shoes are halal. I mean i no flats and trainers are halal, but what about heels, i had this one pair of heels and i added a piece of rubber to the heel, yet it still clicked on the floor. there is a a quranic verse that says ' and strike not your feet ' is this referring to the sound made by heels?

An inspector calls


we've just completed an inspector calles by j.b priestly for our GCSE's, and it is the most suspensefull book i have ever read in my life! however i dont fully understand the ending. if anyonw has read or studied it, would u care to explain. and other comments on the book.