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Dhikr Al-Habeeb....COMING OUT SOON!!!

[color=blue][b][size=18]Dhikr Al-Habeeb [/size](Remembrance of the Beloved) by the KMK Sisters.....COMING OUT SOON!!!!

More information will be posted near the time.....[/b][/color]



Please join....Ashiq-e-Rasool

[color=blue][b]Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatulah

Alhamdulillah a group has been created for the Youth nearly 2 weeks ago, just for the Ashiq-e-Rasool of our Beloved Aqa salallahu alayhi wa'sallam.

The group is still under process...

I would like to request all Ashiq-e-Rasool to please join for the sake of Aqa salallahu alayhi wa'sallam ..this was created by the blessings of Allah subhanahu wa Ta'ala and Aqa salallahu alayhi wa'sallam ..this way we can all express our love for Aqa salallahu alayhi wa'sallam and discuss many other things within Islam.

Rally against incitement & Islamophobia

[color=green][b]Rally against incitement & Islamophobia

Saturday 11th February 2006

Date: 11th February 2006

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Venue: Trafalgar Square, London.

Public figures from across the political spectrum are expected to unite this Saturday at a rally against Islamophobia in Trafalgar Square. The action is taking place in the wake of the cartoon controversy.


[color=green][b]KARBALAH CONFERENCE FOR SISTERS[/b][/color]

[color=green][b]DATE:[/b][/color] [color=green]Saturday 11th February 2006[/color]

[color=green][b]TIME:[/b][/color][color=green] 3:00PM - 5:00PM[/color]

[color=green][b]VENUE: [/b][/color][color=green]MINHAJ-UL-QUR'AN CENTRE
12 Carr Road
BB9 7JS[/color]

[b][color=green]CONTENT:[/color][/b] [color=green]Recitation of the Holy Qur'an
Speech (ENGLISH)
Salutations on the Holy Prophet (s.a.w)

Fake it...See this email & view what's being

[color=blue][b]Dear Readers,

A new Quran is being distributed in Kuwait, titled "The True Furqan". It is being described as the ayats of the Shaytan, and Al-Furqan weekly magazine has found out that the two American printing companies; Omega 2001' and 'Wine Press' are involved in the publishing of 'The True Furqan', a book which has also been titled 'The 21st Century Quran'!...

It is over 366 pages long with both English and Arabic text. It is being distributed to children in Kuwait in private English schools!