Ladies Futsal Festival

The Muslim Women's Sport Foundation presents...


- This event is FREE!
Saturday 31st October 2009
10am - 2pm

What's futsal? It's the Brazilian version of indoor football, using skill and technique rather than power and strength. Come along and give it a go. We provide a friendly, all female environment. All abilities are welcome. Bring along a sister, mother, cousin, auntie, friend.

There are prizes to be won including a Nandos full platter :badgrin: (yummmmm) and we have England Women's Football player Alex Scott taking a skills session and giving you a chance to ask any questions about her playing career / experiences.

Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls
Queens Drive, Acton, W3 0HW

The burqa boxers are coming

Muslim women boxers to wear hijab at 2012 Olympics

THE burqa boxers are coming. Young women are training in Afghanistan to fight in Islamic dress at the 2012 London Olympics.

Wearing hijabs beneath their headguards and clothes that cover their bodies, 25 female pugilists are preparing for their bouts in gruelling training sessions at Kabul’s Olympic stadium, once the scene of public executions by the Taliban.

The team, whose ages range from 14-25, were recruited by their coach, Fadir Sharify, a former professional boxer. He persuaded the girls’ families that it would not be inappropriate for them to take to the ring.

The 2012 summer Games will be the first time women have been allowed to box under the Olympic banner.

Prejudice in sport?

It is a meritocracy - may the best man/woman win
40% (12 votes)
Yeah, there may be some
17% (5 votes)
Why are the leading powers in most governing bodies white?
17% (5 votes)
There is loads!
10% (3 votes)
I have a membership with the ku klux klan
17% (5 votes)
Total votes: 30

Bolt Breaks record again

Bolt sets record to win 100m gold

Triple Olympic champion Usain Bolt set a new world record as he cruised to a stunning victory in the 100m at the World Championships in Berlin.

The 22-year-old Jamaican stormed home in a time of 9.58 seconds to shave 0.11 off the record he set last year when winning gold at the Beijing Olympics.

The year that was: 2007

By Irfan Jalil

This article never made it into issue 11 due to space concerns. It is now available as an extra bonus for our online readers.

So, what events affected Muslims in 2007? No, the Danish cartoons were 2006. So was Jack Straw's niqaab hoo-ha. If you think the only thing that happened in 2007 was Benazir Bhutto's assassination then you really haven't been keeping up with news, have you?

Spring is Here!

I went out today in my back garden, hanging clothes up on the line and just looked and saw how beautiful it was. Then I relise I hardly go out. I used to be a great netball player until I converted to Islam and my teacher wouldn't let me wear trousers instead of short skirts so I gave it up. I'm not sad, just disappionted that I can't keep active. But then I went outside then I asked my mum if we could drive to our nearest park. I walked with her up to the top of the hill then back and I felt fitter. Me and my friends are going running there soon. I'm going to make a weekly thing out of it.

Exclusive Danny Williams Interview

By Shah Siddiki

The Revival talks to Danny Williams about life as a Muslim, his boxing career and his future plans.

Big, powerful and fearless can be three words to describe the current British Boxing heavyweight champion. After knocking out the likes of Iron Mike, Audley Harrison and most recently Matt Skelton, Danny Williams visited Queen Mary's University in East London to discuss Islam and life outside the ring. The talk, hosted at the Mason lecture theatre, turned out to be quite an audience as the big man sat himself down with his title belts gleaming in front of them.

Born and raised in Brixton, Williams described how his life revolved around friends who were involved with drugs, gang violence and prison, yet the only time he went to court was for jury service.