"Sports Hijab" not just for Muslim women

The next sporty must-have is not just for Muslim women

The ResportOn, a tight-fitting hoodie covering the hair, is the new sports hijab – but it's attracting orders from non-Muslim women and men

Move over, Nigella's burkini – you are so last season. The latest addition to the modest Muslim wardrobe is the ResportOn, a sleek sports hijab designed for female Muslim athletes who like to keep their hair covered while working up a sweat.

The ResportOn, whose tagline is "Be Yourself. Unveil your performance", is the brainchild of Iranian-born French-Canadian designer Elham Seyed Javad.

Twenty20 World Cup 2010

T20 tournament returns guaranteeing suspense, tears (for the losing sides =p) and excitement all round.

The cricket T20 is now well under way with the first 4 matches completed. Now for those who don't know what a game of Twenty20 cricket is, a summary would be that it is a shortened version of a normal 50 innings one day match.

Who are your favourites to win this years T20 World Cup??

Workings and History of the T20 game and World Cup.

T20 conists of two innings typically lasting 20 overs if disrupted by bad weather then the innings may become shorter.

T20 has officially been around since 2003 but has only become more popularin recent years with the introduction of the IPL tournament and T20 World Cup.

The Revival Guide To The World Cup 2010

Shmoun Maqsood

The Rainbow nation is set to stage the showpiece event in the football calendar with some of the game’s most dazzling players set to take centre stage.

The names of the famous footballers set to star in the forthcoming World Cup in South Africa run off the tip of your tongue: Kaka, Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney, Michael Ballack, Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba.

Talking of African football, the most illustrious footballer to participate in the World Cup, Brazilian Pele, claimed that within ten years an African nation would win the World Cup. That prophecy however has long since been outdated.

Flying The Flag For Islam

WORLD CUP 2010: Fantasy Football - Muslim Style!

Shmoun Maqsood

There will be no shortage of world class players in South Africa and a lot of them will have one thing in common - the faith of Islam!

France and Bayern Munich’s Franck Bilal Ribéry is the standout performer who could make World Cup glory possible for the French. An attacking forward, he has the pace and the dribbling skills to outwit any international defence in the World Cup. A lot will depend on him, as the current French squad is an average set-up with internal problems rife. Ribéry has been recognised on the world stage as one of the best French players of his generation. The previous talisman of Les Bleus, Zinedine Zidane, has called Ribéry the "jewel of French football".

Women's Boxing

What are your thoughts on women's boxing? Is it right or wrong?

What about your views on the sport itself? Does it make a difference if it's women or men who are punching each others lights out in the ring?

Those of you who watch men's boxing, are you as enthusiastic about watching women fighting it out in the ring?

In 2012 women's boxing will be included in the Olympics. Is it about time, or just equality gone mad?

Someone who's hoping she's there fighting at the 2010 London Olympics is Ambreen Sadiq aged 15 - the first Muslim female boxer in the UK. She's not just got her opponent to worry about or the fact she's competing in a male dominated sport, but also religious restraints and cultural stigma.