Spring is Here!

I went out today in my back garden, hanging clothes up on the line and just looked and saw how beautiful it was. Then I relise I hardly go out. I used to be a great netball player until I converted to Islam and my teacher wouldn't let me wear trousers instead of short skirts so I gave it up. I'm not sad, just disappionted that I can't keep active. But then I went outside then I asked my mum if we could drive to our nearest park. I walked with her up to the top of the hill then back and I felt fitter. Me and my friends are going running there soon. I'm going to make a weekly thing out of it. Alhamdulliah, I really got something out of sacrifising something I loved for the sake of Allah (swt).



When one door closes another opens.

There are other sports. Take tennis for instance. Its alot more vigorous than it looks. And its well funny making the other person run whilst i just stand in the middle. hahahaha... excellent.

Ed plays tennis too. Although i doubt he gets time anymore.

Back in BLACK

I dunno what area you live in but I heard a thing on the radio about a Muslim womens' basketball team who were really successful. I'm sure there are other similar things that you could find, even a different netball team where everyone wears modest clothes and breaks for prayers!

Don't just do something! Stand there.