Ramadan 2013

According to Google it is Ramadan in 4233600 seconds...... Just 7 weeks.

The companions used to prepare 6 months before, so you can say this blog is 192414 minutes late. Oops.

This is the one and only Ramadan 2013 blog where you can say anything and everything up until the month is over. (That's why I made sure I got in there before anyone else did Dirol )

Ramadan is a MASSIVE deal because its just amazing all year round. The physical, mental and spiritual peace is just surreal. We shouldn't take this opportunity for granted, so strive to capture as much benefits as possible!

Peace Within.

It’s hard to find peace within. You may think that you find it there, waiting for you. Others have to search, fight tooth and nail to find their peace. Why am I talking about this, you may ask?
Well to be honest, I think we measure peace in a different way than which it should be measured. True tranquillity is literally only possible through Deen and understanding the Deen, but we receive tranquillity and forms of peace in small doses everyday really. We just don’t know about it or appreciate it until it’s gone.

Good ol' Obama and his Nobel Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize 2009 went to Barack Obama
"for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples"

US President Barack Obama has said he was "surprised and deeply humbled" to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, less than 10 months into his presidency.

Speaking at the White House hours after the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee named him as a surprise winner, he said the award should be a "call to action".

The world faced challenges that "cannot be met by one person or by one nation alone," Mr Obama said.

The committee said he won for efforts to boost diplomacy and co-operation.

"Muslim Camp" draws UK teens to combat extremism!

COVENTRY, England (Reuters) - Like any rousing Islamic preacher, Muhammed Tahir ul-Qadri's voice rises to a shout and his index finger jabs as he hammers home a point.

But rather than angry calls for jihad (holy war) or a vitriolic denunciation of the West and its aggressions against Islam, Qadri's message, equally forcefully delivered, is about moderation, peace, inclusion and understanding.


Hakuna Matata

He is Allah (swt), the great, the King, the Mighty, the Holy, the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be. Big it up ya'all to the big guy!

Peace is something alot of people want more than anything, everyone else just wants Robert Patterson. Yet since time began this world has never truely known peace. With all the new technological advances like... erm ipods and computers and... nunchucks. We just havent found a workable forumla. We can bounce signals all around the world, send people into space and peform brain surgery from a different continent. But we just cant workout peace.

Trying to Be a Man

Salam Alaykum, here's another rap that I've written. This one is slighlty different. It's about, say when you've had a fight with someone and there is a bit of animosity and each expects the other to make amends first. Well, that's what I'm dealing with today!

Let's just stop! It's not Doomsday
Not interested in making you pay
This is a battle that can't be won
It's gonna drag on for the the rest of eternity
But a breather is what can save my sanity
Rivalry's winning, ripping just like a hawk
Why don't we be strong and just learn to talk
You might look and think: "What's his game?"
I'll be honest and say this war is lame
So let's not go deeper and talk this over

Found Peace

Salam Alaykum, guys. It's time for another rap. I'd really like you to take the time to read this rap. it's called Found Peace.

When I sank right to my knees
Ordered to submit defeat
Held down by my head
Strap restraining my eyes
All I knew was fear
I knew he was gloating
From death I could be near
Yet he didn’t seem to care
I thought that I was worthless
Imprisoned by the world
Rolled right on the floor
That’s when I dared to dare

But then I stared right into your face
You thought I was still in the race
You stretched your hand out to me
Helping me walk across the sea
For the first time I felt I was strong
I had a place where I could belong
I knew I could breathe and I could smile
I felt the wind brush passed me with ease
Turned the page and I'd found peace